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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!

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I've never seen more mechanical, uncaring, boring porn in my life.

Great job as always, Pencil c:

The man. The legend. Wrote sex :rainbowhuh:

From conception to birthing, this was just a tunnel of brilliance.

Majin Syeekoh

There was this one ex of mine that I tried to hold a conversation with while we were having sex.

After the first few times, she held her fingers up to my lips and shushed me.

You should have held a finger to her lips too. :raritywink:

This was odd, but refreshing.

...I don't know whether or not that was a poor choice of words.

Majin Syeekoh

I held a lot more than a finger to her face, trust me.

I didn't say her face. :raritywink:

Majin Syeekoh

I guess you could call it a slip of the tongue.:ajsmug:

Oh my, deliciously well done, Pencil :heart:

This comment section is lewder than the actual story, lol.

May I spare some time for a question?

I have never been more proud of this community

I have to wonder...is that the actual thought process? Sexy, though always with some nagging thoughts.

While in this similar situation one evening, my wife looked at me and asked if I'd fed the dog. You might guess how the rest of the encounter went.

Great job, pencil!

She makes sex sound like a boring chore... Good for her. :trollestia:

Well done on writing one of the most realistic sex scenes I’ve read. Five stars out of five.:pinkiehappy:


You most certainly may!

Did I already ask you about Spike and Gabby being a couple?

Er.... what does this have to do with the story or... any of my stories, or anything? I'm a mite confused here.

I take a piece of toilet paper and twist it into a tampon-like shape. I strain my shoulder as I reach forward and down, then up between my legs to basically fuck myself with it. It’s vaguely uncomfortable, not anything like using a dildo on myself, but I know it’s effective. I pull the slick wad of paper out of my vagina, check it to see how much discharge it’s gathered, then toss it into the toilet. I give things another finger check, and it seems slicker. Unfortunately, I’m less wet now too. I know he can get me going again pretty easily, but the last thing I want is him reaching down there and finding me bone dry.

I was eating.

Why was I eating? :pinkiesick:

More sex scenes need, I think, to make proper and adequate reference to vaginal discharge.

Only slightly better than if it was written by IKEA

Revise question: Have you ever wrote a fic about a dragon and a griffon becoming a couple?





...women have furry faces?


Nope, I have not.

Would it be possible?


No thank you, and that's really a request better sent to people in a personal message rather than in the comment section of an unrelated story. For future reference.

That sex was well executed from both parties. A bit too much personality on the part of the female performer, because personally I like them just to moan and look pretty without this weird "three dimensional" descriptions stuff and only concentrate on the male orgasm, but I guess this sort of POV flip is a... change. I'm going with a solid B+, not quite A material, but adequate for a routine rut.

High-Definition Erotica.

This fic is perhaps the most frank depiction of how real people think, although it's so firmly on the real side that it errs into parody, which I suppose was the point. It's sexy in the most literal use of that word; having to do with sex. The language is obviously not chosen to entice, and yet I still like that Cheerilee enjoyed herself. A solid little read.

This was fun.

Bravo for not defaulting to porn-esque fantasy like most other works (not that I think those are bad). This was extremely well-grounded in reality, yet still enjoyable to read. Thumbs up.

Quite brilliantly-written. An excellent insight into her thought processes, here.

Ah man this is so refreshingly realistic.

I can't call this boring. Sex is exactly as awkward and wonderful like this. It was a good read and I will happily put this in my fav folder.

Imagine this with Twilight Sparkle and her scientifically accurate anatomical descriptions.

If I had a goal to aim for when it came to writing a story that had sex, intminancy like this, this is the gold standard.

Neuroticism over 9000. I could imagine this happening to Twilight on one of her bad days, yep. Sounds like Twilight having a really bad day, like that one time...

Yeah. And I know someone who has a little bit of that, too, so there's that.

I learned new things about the vagina! Huzzah! \o/ Might come in handy if I ever get the opportunity to get do the sex with a chick again? I can see it now...

“Ok I shall help you clean yourself so it is less awkward, eh?”

“Huh say wut. Wait. Why do you have that toilet paper around your fingers.”

“I am helping! :D”

“Uh... that isn’t really necessary. I can do it on my own. Jeez, you’re making this more embarrassing than it needs to be.”

“As embarrassing as when I caught my lip ring on your clit piercing, which totally wasn’t on purpose.”

“...Ok, not that weird. Weird is comparing that to Cloister and Jynx getting stuck together while flapping your lower lip and my clit around in a failed attempt to talk comprehensively. Also that hurt in a fun way. Now get out of the way so I can use the fucking bathroom.”

I can be so fucking helpful now! :pinkiehappy:

Uhhh... I guess one of the more embarrassing things I’ve had happen to me was I had lint on my dick when a guy was about to give me a blowjob. Apparently, being cut still means it might be wise to be on the lookout for random dirt even if smeg ain’t really an issue.

That’s how librarians fuck. “SHHHHH!”

They also have manes. I saw something about manes at the beginning. What other secrets do women have? I want to learn :B

It was a technically possible way that a girl could experience porn. Fortunately body issues are only troublingly common among girls, not universal. The dick cheese thing isn't universal either, I think, but I haven't seen any statistics on that. You are writing porn incorrectly, in that most people have sex with someone who knows them. You have to be pretty messed up if you're afraid to ask the guy you're fucking if he likes something you're doing. I think it might... validate a lot of girls who feel really bad about themselves, and there's nothing wrong with having any of these problems, but I don't think it's a healthy depiction of sex. Fetishizing how terrible it is is not better than fetishizing how wonderful it is.

Not terrible, and not exactly out of character for my headcanon's Cheerilee, I give it 4/10 >no hooves

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