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We all change in some way. How and when are the best and most challenging questions of all.


A tie together story of AGE and Biomech of Equestria.

Betta Telium, born from the egg left behind by the Augmented human Nathan from Biomech, is born to a line of human lineage. Living a normal life, he begins to question if he's grown complacent hiding in his own life to hide from Celestia. Seeking answers, he is left with few options and decides to confront his questions by confronting Celestia and discover his answer on his way to her.

(All categories are subject to change through progression to prevent false tags of any kind)

Chapters (2)
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does this come with Mecha battles?

I've heard of Biomech of Equestria, but what's AGE?

A god eater fanfic that was horribly rushed at best and hastily thrown together at worst. AGE is actually an acronym for Adaptive God Eater, which are described to withstand the harsh condition of the ashlands in God Eater 3, making them the closest thing to aragami until the next god eater, if at all.

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