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Gabriel Smedley

I do not consider myself a brony, but I like the show. I'm also passionate about animals, both living and extinct. That's all you need to know.


The Equestria Girls meet a group of boys and a girl who can transform into predators from the Cenozoic era, and now they must team up and head for Bakula, the lost kingdom of big cats in order to stop Khali and his gang of poachers from hunting animals to extinction.

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Isn't there a site rule saying you can't repost a story? Cause I know I've seen this before. Not saying I'm not gonna read it.

Just saying.

I think he deleted it and rewrote it

That's exactly what I did. Hope you guys like it.

since their in a different territory wouldnt that mean their aliens? state wise.
hence Predators vs. aliens

Since there in Bakula and not in America, then in a sense they are, with the predators part, I was referring to predators like big cats and hyenas that like to hunt at night. The predators Tigertooth mentions are not a kind you want to meet.

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