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Boys were meant to be strong, Boys were meant to be made of steel. They weren't made to be vulnerable. And they weren't made to cry.

Flash Sentry knows he's the King of Avoiding Issues. If he follows his father's requests and wishes, he'll be just like him and everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. Under the conditions of being the Perfect Sentry, the Perfect Man, and the Perfect Lunaire Alpha, he is thrown into a river of loss, worthlessness, pressure, and neglect. Especially since he's the World's Worst Monster. He deserves this, doesn't he?

His father taught him to build walls made of steel, that straw, sticks, and bricks were going to backfire on him once he finds that one person that makes him feel special. In a world where he hides his shattered side because of stereotypes like these, he knows that once this final year of College is over, he'll vanish from the world's sight and find his own place. That is if the world will allow a place for him.

The moment he steps foot out of his own steel cage is when he realizes that he wasn't born to live as a stereotype. And that he neither needed to be invulnerable or murderous to be strong.

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this is wonderful. thank you

Hey its me starmist14 from wattpad

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