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Hey guys! It's me, Discord!


Everyone has seen what happens on TV shows when a character changes their race, like the events between My Little Pony and Equestria Girls, where a portal makes the difference between ponies and humans.

But has anyone thought about the possibilities of that thing happening in real life? Because one guy experimented a transformation, followed by a series of events.

This is his story...

A request for another friend of mine, called The Blue EM2. Hope you like it.:twilightsmile:

Chapters (2)
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Heh. Good start :)


"Well, that shouldn't shouldn't prevent me from having some good time."

I think you put shouldn't twice there. ^^;

"Ok, it's still a bit early. I'm gonna get something for dinner." He said. Morehr]

I don't know what that word is supposed to be at the end, Is it supposed to be another sentence or did you accidentally add that otherwise I think the story is good I just wanted to point this out.

Fixed. Thanks for telling me. And glad you like it.:twilightsmile:

thank you

Are you a follower from The Blue EM2?:ajsmug:

I dont think so. are you? :moustache:

Um... Yes.

Then, what do you thank me for?:unsuresweetie:

For this story. of course

Oh, uuuuh... Ok?

Anyways, glad you like it.:twilightsmile:

hm interesting i liked please more

I put the request in for this a while back.

Was it worth the almost 4-month wait?

Yes. Yes it was.

Though I have to say, your description of my home sounds a lot nicer than where I really live...

I'm assuming the TF itself occurs in a future chapter?

Is this part of Cantelrot Adventures or is it just a story?

This was a request I made way back, long before Canterlot Adventures had permeated in my brain.

One can only agree, old bean.

No problem man.

To misquote Gordon;

"It's not a tough decision, though I have to confess;
it's hard to find a better writer for the requests!"

Jeeper-no, that hasn't happened yet.

'Jeepers' is Babs' catchphrase.

By any chance did you select the episodes I watched based on what stories I had written?

I'll leave it at that.

I have to say, you perfectly summarise what Victoria Centre is like on most days; busy and rather wet.

Heh, I wanted to add that detail to the story.

You have captured the spirit of Robin Hood County perfectly.

Where did this conversation start?

What can I say? Forgetaboutit!

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