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In search of the misterius Twilight Queen Princess Twilight is sent to the past. Unable to return with her own strenght she sets out to find the queen and get her help. Along the way she makes new friends, helps strangers, gets caucht up in conflicts and discoves the untold past. But the queen in nowhere to be found and devious powers make plans in the background.
First story, if you don´t like it let me know why.

I'm dealing with a lot of problem at the moment and i don't think i can continue this story.
So i'm just going to end it here. Sorry.

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hmmm... interesting concept... though I feel it's super obvious that the Twilight Queen is Twilight, unless I'm wrong, but if she is then it's super obvious. I normally don't care about that too much but that combined with the fast pacing makes it feel underwhelming.

Also, this is just me, but if Twi is the Twilight Queen having her die of old age is a bit unnerving, but that's just me being a Twilight fan so don't look at it as anything more than a nitpick.

This story has potential and I see it doing well if you keep it up.

It´s suposed to be obvious. The story is meant to be her journey to becoming a queen. And i kinda rushed the firsth two chapters, because I wanted to get her out of the present. I´ll try to slow down a bit.
Thanks for the feedback.

Okay glad I could help.

Not yet. Next chapter is half ready. Just don't know how to write dialogue.

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