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The Dragon Lord Legacy - Little_Draco

Spike awakens and his time to return to world has come. With added family, grown body and new challenges to face, Spike will find the world has changed without.

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The Dragon Lord Legacy

The morning came soon after, for Spike felt the new day in his mind body and soul. His eyes blurred as he opened them, bringing the vision of his mother’s large arms encasing him in a protective half circle. He yawned softly, exposing his white pearling sharp teeth before closing his mouth. Looking up, he saw his mother and momma both asleep still snoring lightly. His momma still had her head over his mother leaving him alone to his thoughts.

He then began to look around to find something to do. He kept wondering why yesterday they wanted him to remember his past. He knew what he needed too, right? He had two mothers, he was a dragon, he was a teenager and he… he…

He was a teenager, but with no memories of himself as a hatchling. He couldn’t recall much of life prior to yesterday. Vague memories come to mind, seeing himself as a short pudgy dragon. He remember other dragons, some that come to mind where sapphire, light pink and a few other giant ones. He also remembered names like his mother, Eliyinsa and his momma, Zynthia. He remembered…

… He remembered Twi… night? -bright? No, that didn’t seem right. Twi… might? No but the name felt really important for him to remember.

He realized that he would he wouldn’t get much of his memory, if that is what his mother’s were asking for, just by sitting around and doing nothing. Especially if he was just to stay inside the cave all day. He slowly moved away from his mother’s forearms, pushing against the ground with his front claws while raising his hind legs. A couple of cracks and stretches went through his spine. He then slowly settled his back end while sitting then slowly began to twist to the left until he cracked bones, then to the right with the same sound.

Spike cracked his head lastly, sending shivers down his spine for one final time. He had to learn these yesterday after being asleep for so long. According to his mothers, he had been asleep for eight months. After some sort of accident, his mothers’ explained he fell into a short coma. What the accident it was, they did not get to explain.

He slowly stood to his two hind legs, shakily and carefully standing up and standing tall, using his tail and wings to balance. The movements and sounds were enough to wake his mother up. Violent eyes slowly revealed themselves and she saw her son standing up, struggling a bit to move upright.

“Hmmm… my son.” she said softly. Almost startled, Spike wobbled and looked to his mother, giving a smile.

“Good morning mother.”

She gave a smile and yawned softly before replying. “Good morning son. What has you up early?”
He thought about it and answered. “I’m trying to remember the past.” His mother seemed uncomfortable when she heard that. She turned her head slightly and muttered lightly to Zynthia’s ear. He saw his momma groan softly, lifting her head of Eliyinsa’s head and laid it unto her forearms, while keeping her eyes closed. Once detached from her lover, Eliyinsa slowly rose to her feet. Spike watched as his mother stood stories above him, even with his growth spurt, and gave a couple stretches. Yawning once more, she motioned for her son to follow.

The young dragon walked alongside his mother, though she walked slower do to her size, and they both headed to the entrance of the cave.
Spike could smell a variety of different scent fill his nostrils. His eyes saw details with the strong light outside and he could hear the sounds of other dragons from the outside world. He slowed to a snail’s pace at the entrance, seeing the world bright and loud for him. His mothers’ cave was located towards the back end of the dragon lands, on top of a plateau and an overview of the valley. The morning sunlight came from the eastern side, facing them directly. He had to put his hand to shield his eyes. Fortunately, his mother provided some cover using her wing to directly cover him overhead. Seeing her wing, he managed to look up at, seeing conflict in her eyes.

She looked down at him and finally sat on her haunches, bending her into a curve so part of the sun didn’t him directly but still gave him a view of the world.
“Tell me son,” she began, her eyes sparkling with the sun’s shine. “Do you remember anything at all? Prior today and yesterday?”
He tried once more but his mind was fuzzy and blurred by emotions. He shook his head. “I-I don’t mother.” He then looked at her sadly. “Why? Why can’t I remember anything?” He then followed up with. “Why did I have an accident? Did that damage me? Am I broken?”
Just as quickly as he said that, she brought her head down to his, brushing it against him. “No my son! You are not broken.” she affirmed strongly. “You are anything but broken.”

“Then why can’t I remember anything?” He sniffed, feeling his eyes slowly well up. “Why can’t you tell me what happened to me? What happened to make me lose my mind?”
She wished she could tell him, she wished she could tell him everything, but she knew that that would break him. To know that he was in trials to become something more than the Dragon Lord’s Consort. That he had to fight both of his mothers prior to him losing his mind. The fact that he actually physically hurt the one he loved, violently and that all this nearly killed him. But the truth of it all, the one that burned her most, was that he was not really her son, and that he was raised by ponies instead.

“My son…” she tried to think of something that could ease him into it. “What you went through… what happened to you, will be explained. I know you want to know everything but right now, I think that your mind is to fragile, to delicate and I don’t want it to overwhelm you. I don’t want to lose you again…”

“Again?” he asked, staring up at her sadness. “How did you lose me before?”
The question tugged at her heart strings and she was heavily conflicted. Perhaps if she had help or an advisor on her own she could… She paused at that and realized, perhaps if he had some sort of old memory, some sort of key to his past that he could latch onto, he would be able to gain his memories back. It might be risky but it would probably be better than her to tell him everything at once.
Leaning closer to him, she spoke softly. “Do you remember Ember?”
“Ember?” He thought of it, the name sounding so familiar and so warm, but when he tried to think of the dragon in question, it was a blur. He shook his head.
‘Baaka!’ she cursed inwardly. She hoped that maybe that would trigger something but it seemed for not. Perhaps then, it was time that Ember would be aware of her consort’s awakening. If he saw her, in front of her and physically, it would help him.
She saw a pair of dragons flying over head, low enough for her to call to them. “You there!” She roared to them. The pair of dragons looked down and saw the Advisor of the Dragon Lands calling. “Please send a word to Dragon Lord Ember. It is of utmost importance that she come hear the call of the Advisor!” Knowing it was a rule to listen to the Advisor, just like listening to the Dragon Lord, the pair of dragons nodded and quickly took off.
“Dragon Lord Ember?” Spike asked. “I-Is she the one I am supposed to remember?”
“She is, my son. Though my hope is that she will provide the help you need in your life. The one that may help your memories.”

When the message was sent, Spike had retreated inside, to alert his momma of the approaching Dragon Lord. Though with how quick dragons were, it was no surprise that the arrival of the Dragon Lord was quick, though she did not come alone.

At the entrance, Elyinsa waited for Ember and her hoard to arrive. She saw the sapphire dragoness carrying the Bloodstone Scepter along with her light purple and orange hoard come flying in rapid succession. The three landed gently, with them approaching the Advisor and bowing. Eliyinsa returned the bow and gave a warm smile.
“Dragon Lord Ember.” She then nodded to her hoard. “Amethyst. Smolder.” she greeted them. The two waved back in polite.
“Why did you call for me?” asked Ember. “Is it about Spike?” she asked, almost desperate to learn of what has happened. In the last eight months, Eliyinsa had told and shown the changes Spike had gone through, including his three molts.

Eliyinsa gave her a small sad smile.

“It is,’ she answered gently. “He has finally awakened.” Ember’s eyes went wide and tears formed at her edges. The other two also looked excited at the news. However, it was quickly quelled by Eliyinsa’s somber tone. “However…” she began. “Something has happened to him. He in fact woke up yesterday but… we didn’t foresee an issue that he has developed.”

Worry filled Ember’s heart as did her hoard. “What issue?”

Before she could answer, Spike called from inside the cave.

“Mother? Is she here?”

Without waiting for permission to enter, Ember quickly shot into the cave. Eliyinsa cursed again inwardly, pursing her in and was followed by the other two.

Ember flew into the large cave. It was there at the center, near the other dragoness, was Spike. Ember stopped to a hover before dropping to her feet and stared at the drake. She was in awe, happiness and heartfelt as she looked at him.

Ten months had passed and in those ten months, he had changed. She didn’t watch it personally, but she would come to see his changes when she was alerted to them. He had grown in height, passing her by a few inches. He was broader now, bulkier albeit more toned to a point. Wings sprouted from his shoulder blades, where they were longer than he was tall. His snout was longer, with a set of sharp teeth that made her shiver. And lastly was his eyes. More slit than they were when he was smaller not to mention he had much more depth to them.

Their eyes met for a moment and it was but a moment that Ember all but jumped at him. Spike never saw it coming, as the sapphire dragoness almost tackled him to the floor in a strong, emotional hug. She began to ball her eyes out to him, almost incomprehensible babble. As this was happening, Spike was left confused and somewhat shock that a Dragon Lord was crying, let alone crying on him. He looked passed to his mother and saw that she too, was conflicted on how to approach this situation.

Ember however, finally noticed after a bit of holding him, that despite the heat radiating from his body, there was no warmth in return. She felt… confused and wasn’t sure what had caused it. Slowly separating herself from him, she looked at his eyes and saw… confusion etched across his face. His features, his body, his whole outlook towards her, made it seem as if he, didn’t recognize her. Shakily, she looked at him and wondered if that was true. “S-Spike?”

He blinked and cocked his head. “Uh… yes, Dragon Lord Ember?”

Her heart instantly snapped and fear shot up her spine. Before she could fully breakdown her situation, Eliyinsa quickly got between them.

“My son, why don’t you go and find some of our best gems for the Dragon Lord and her hoard? It is impolite to allow one such as herself into our home without an offering. Spike looked up at her and nodded.

“Alright mother.” He then looked at the conflicted Ember with warm eyes. “Don’t worry, I will find the best one for you.” With that he turned around and walked towards his mothers’ pile without much of a second thought.

Out of ear’s reach, Ember struggled to speak and stand. Her legs felt wobbly and her heart felt cold. Fearing her fall, both Amethyst and Smolder quickly jumped to help her stand, with them easing her to a sitting position. Eliyinsa sighed and sat on her own haunches.

“As I said, there was an issues when he awoke.”

Ember looked up at her somberly, tears running from her eyes. “He lost his memories.” She simply stated.

Eliyinsa nodded. “Just about everything. Over the months, me and Zynthia have been only speaking to him about our past lives as well as how we are his mothers in his sleep. We didn’t realize that as he fell into a coma, he had lost everything but what we told him in his dreams.” She then quickly added. “If we had known that, I would have made sure that he would have remembered you more importantly.”

Ember felt conflict with a mix of emotions ranging from anger, to sadness, pain and frustration. Months of waiting for her consort… no, the one that she loved, to return to her arms, but he is taken away from her again. How much pain did she had to endure in order to be happy?

Eliyinsa felt for the younger dragoness and leaned in.

“I’m sorry, Ember, truly. But I felt that it be best if you were here. If he saw you, I thought maybe he would gain some memory back or recognize you.”

“But he didn’t.” she stated a bit bitterly. Her anger surged a bit forward towards the Advisor. “He hasn’t remembered anything, other than you being his mother.”

“Something that he needed.” Eliyinsa answered almost just as sharply but she sighed and her voice soften. This caused the three younger dragons to gaze upon her in question. “I’ve seen his mind before he fell into the coma. I seen his past and what the ponies have done to him.” Her upper lip curled in small anger. “How often they put him in danger, how much harm they have caused him physically and mentally, playing with him as if was some sort of pet.” She shook her head in disgust. “No proper parents of their young would dare allow their young to endure such cruelty.”

Ember seemed confused but also distraught at the news she was given. During her months of dealing with the bombardment of letters from the Princesses, she read on how they cared for Spike, checking back on his status every few weeks. They constantly beg to be given access to approach and even try to help with Spike’s coma, but she wasn’t sure if their magic would work or make it worse.

“B-But if it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t be here. None of us would be as we are? It was the ponies that taught him how to be kind, caring, loving and more.”
“But it was the same creatures that only taught him that, that they also endanger him.” A small snort left her with a plume of smoke leaving her nostrils. The plume floated up to the ceiling where it dissipated. “The amount of times his life has been nearly lost, or the amount of times they forget that he has been of use, or that he hasn’t received a hatchday, or birthday as they call them. Tell me Dragon Lord Ember, do you believe that until his mind recovers, that we should let him know that he was raised by those whom endangered him at youth, or should we continue to raise him properly, and how to be strong and powerful, but still keep him kind and loving at heart?”

Ember didn’t respond, for she didn’t know how to. She liked the idea of Spike being taught how to be a dragon, how to stay strong and even continue to be kind and caring. Its for that reason she loved him. But why would it be right for them to ignore his past, remove it from him and deny him his return to his home.

Her thoughts were interrupted with the approach of Spike and Zynthia. In his arms, Spike held three, large gems. A giant sapphire, an amethyst stone and a amber diamond, each matching the dragonesses. He handed them out each individually.
“I don’t exactly know which ones you may like so I kinda did it based on scale color. Hope none of you don’t mind.”
Smolder and Amethyst looked delighted with their respective colors. After handing them out to them, he handed the giant sapphire to Ember, whom looked at it with wonder. Being a Dragon Lord, she had no shortage of gems, rocks and jewels of all kinds. Yet, what made this personal was that it was handed to her by the one she loved, yet she could say it to him, for he felt nothing back. It was truly heartbreaking but, with all the dexterity she had remaining from earlier, she gave him a smile and held back tears. “Thank you, Spike. I… I apologize for what happened right now. I am just… relieved that you are awake.”
Spike gave a smile as he handed it to her.
“As am I, Lord Ember.”
“Please, just called me Ember.” Please, just call me Ember and say you remember, she thought. She then moved on with another topic. “I am glad that you are well, though from what your mother has told me, you are missing memories?”
He nodded, feeling a bit shy. “Yeah, mother and momma, are trying to help with that. I want to remember all I can since my ‘accident’ they told me I had ten months back.”
Ember shot an eye to Zynthia and from the corner of her eyes, tried to make it known to Eliyinsa. It was brief, but it got through.

“Well, I was there when it happened and I hope that I can also help you gain your memories back as well. Yo… It is most important for you to gain them back.” She spoke a bit loud and with a small edge in her voice, targeted to the two larger dragonesses. “I hope that with the help of your mothers, that they help you remember everything that you need to…” she paused and brought a claw hand to his head, brushing it gently. “... to come back to us… all and whole.” She saw a small reaction, his eyes glowed a bit and he even looked lost into her own eyes with her gentle claw. He slightly rubbed his moved in closer and wanted the feeling to last. However, he was left confused a bit more, his eyes betraying a hazy look. Was he remembering the first he was held like that by her or was it just the feeling of having something like that happened to him? Neither of them both knew for sure.

He didn’t respond to her but just nodded. She smiled and then turned to her hoard. “Unfortunately, I could only come briefly, and I must return to my duties. I hope for more updates from you and your mothers. Me and my hoard will take this,” she lifted their gems in claws. “To go and enjoy them when we can.” She then turned to Eliyinsa and Zynthia, giving a small bow. “I thank you both for inviting me in your home and hope that in the future, we could truly enjoy each others company.” Bitterness were filled in her mouth that only the two dragonesses could detect, yet they dare not bite down at her. As is, this was a troubling meeting, none expected
“We will try our best to educate our son with the past,” Eliyinsa commented lightly, not showing any emotion towards Ember. “And hopefully, more of your visits would be beneficial for all of us, especially Spike.”
Spike nodded once more, but his gaze lingered on Ember, feeling a tug at his heart. Something that he hadn’t felt before, or maybe he had. Eliyinsa began to walk the small trio of dragons out to the cave. Spike watched them go and he felt the pull more and more. Before she fully left however, Ember turned around and quickly walked back to him, halting the others and waiting for her.
Ember walked up to Spike, her amber eyes meeting his emerald ones. She spoke softly to him, gentle and warm, close to his head. “Please remember. Whatever happened before, trying and remember but don’t let it consume you. You have a good life here, a great one, but don’t forget the one you had before.” He didn’t know how to answer her, but what happened next truly threw him off. Ember leaned in, briefly blew a gentle flame over him, that covered his face and dissipated quickly. He was surprised by it, like the first he was hit with it, and looked at Ember with awe. She gave him a smile, a sad one but one that showed much more than sadness. She really wanted him to remember his past and it showed that she was part of it.
With that, she turned and headed back out of the cave. She gave a brief wave. “Goodbye Spike. I hope to see you well soon.” He was still reeling from the ‘kindle’ he just received from her, though he was able to give a small wave back.
“Good… bye… Lor- Ember.” She smiled and walked out to meet her hoard. A few last words were said to each party before the trio dragonesses took off.

Eliyinsa came back, a bit moody and she seemed to be peeved. However, managing to hide it, she looked at her mate then at her son, giving him a smile. Looking at his mother, Spike briefly brushed his snout where she left her claw and the warm, feeling in his on his face.
“Mother?” he softly asked.
“Yes my son?”
“Is… is she really important to me?”

His mother nodded and lowered her head.
“She is, my hatchling, more than you know. And she is right that we need to try everything to gain your memories back. But… we need to do them slowly, as I said.”
His heart felt like it was being pulled and guided towards where Ember was at. The ‘kindle touch’ she left on him was somehow, so very familiar and warm. It was a hazy experience, something prior to his sleep, yet it was so wonderful and amazing, that when she did it, something triggered at the back of his mind. A deep, rooted memory that briefly, if only momentarily, brought a memory of him and her.

“What was that?” He remember asking her.
“It was a Kindle Touch or Kindling.” She told him

Yes, it was a Kindle she gave him and he liked it… no, he loved it and the warm feeling in his heart is what made it fluttering mad with something he thought his mothers could give but when Ember did it, it wasn’t just kind or care. His mothers did it because they loved him, as any parent would. But this was something more, this feeling was something that he felt was part of his memory and it was the small piece of a very large puzzle that he needed to gain his memory back.

“Kindling.” He thought out loud.

Both of his mothers looked at each other and smiled.

“Yes my son. She gave you a ‘Kindle touch’ or ‘Kindling’ if you remember correctly. It’s what me and your momma do to you and each other. Its a sign of affection and love.”

He nodded and for some reason, that made it all the more confusing as to why she did it. Did Ember love him? Were they somehow close to each other? If they were, it made him feel horrible that he couldn’t remember it. His eyes saddened at the thought and he wished to know what would it take to help him learn about Ember and himself.

He would do anything to gain back something that had been taken from him. He just hoped that if is past was to be uncovered, would there be parts he didn’t like. A sudden memory came up to him, where he encountered his first Kindle. It was sudden when it was done and it was by her...

“Ember!” he called out to her, quickly placing his claws on her arms. “I'm not mad or anything. I just… do not understand. Why did you blow fire in my face?”
“Forgive me Spike. I quickly forget that you still don't understand all the Dragon customs yet. For what I did though, it was something personal and only dragons that have affections for one another do.”
“I kinda like it. I am glad you uh… like me that much, Ember.”

He remembered that, very vividly and it was Ember who gave him that kindle. “Ember.”

Ember and her hoard all landed back inside their cave, where Ember immediately dropped to her knees with a sob leaving her. Amethyst and Smolder are quickly by her side, supporting her. She then finally broke and began to cry, with the two dragonesses holding her as best as possible.

Spike had awakened, but he hadn’t come back to her.

Author's Note:

So this will start off slow and the focus will be on Spike. It was supposed to be one chapter and done but I decided to expand the idea a bit more. But now comes the issues of his family and I think that for any family, there would always need to be drama.Either way every 3 to 5 chapters will tackle a new issue and will hoepfully bring everything I have planned full circle.
I have some references hidden there so good luck! I thank my favorite editors for the work and also glad this came out soon. So hopefully I can keep it up and throw another one next week