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Relevé: position in which the dancer rises from any position to on one or both feet on at least demi-pointe, or possibly full pointe

She's done the simple Rainbooms choreo, the square dancing with her family, the silly free-styles with her friends. But today, Applejack wants to try something a bit different, something she'd never expected to be interested in.

You would think attending Canterlot High would teach her to expect the unexpected.

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This was a lot of fun to read. It's always nice to see good stories with Applejack, and it's especially fun to imagine her trying something like dancing. :pinkiehappy:

9439974 thank you! I was afraid I had made her a bit OOC, I’m glad that people seem to be liking it so far!!

I enjoyed this look at one of the background characters of the Rainbooms. Seriously, she hasn't had much to do on the series frontlines!

It is good to see someone make an attempt at something new. And it is even better to see them succeed.

Well this is an interesting take. Thanks for sharing

Wonderful! I have a lot of friends and family who are tomboys and also (gasp) happen to have complex interests and personalities that don't conform to the "identities" that people try to impose on them! :applejackconfused: The horror! As such, I find it deeply satisfying to read stories like this that buck the trend. Very well-written, and it felt in character. I especially like that she recognizes that her body type doesn't fit the average, but she doesn't let that stop her from dancing. It was also refreshing that he friends didn't catch her. As amusing as that would have been, it would have distracted from Applejack's story in this case.

Author Interviewer

Had to read the A/N to really get it, but I liked this.

Nobody puts Applejack in the corner. :V

Fascinating presentation of Applejack daring to branch out. Thank you for it.

I really enjoyed this look into Applejack being interested in trying something new. As always she shows her determination and works hard, but she is also happy with herself and whom she is, as well as learning and becoming even better. You wrote her very well and I feel that some of your own experiences shown through in this tale. It feels very genuine. You did a fine job here!

I enjoyed this look at one of the background characters of the Rainbooms.

There, better.

I guess you didn't watch Rollercoaster of Friendship, Applejack had plenty of screen time there, taking the main role. Applejack had more lines in Sunset's Backstage Pass then Rarity and Fluttershy combined. To be honest, she probably has way more screentime than Fluttershy these days. I do hope that Flutters one day can be the star of a special, but for now, she's more off the side in all the specials. That said, none of the Humane 7 are background characters.

As a ballet dancer, I approve.

Sunset's Backstage Pass hasn't been aired in Britain yet. But until recently, the other Rainbooms members have largely been shoved to the side in favour of Twi or Sunset (Rainbow Rocks, for instance, effectively saw Rainbow Dash become a secondary antagonist).

Your descriptions of the delicate maneuvers and poses created such a beautiful contrast with muscular, barefoot Applejack.:rainbowkiss:

This story was just the sweetest. :heart: I would love it if one day you developed this... AJ working up the courage to take classes and "come out" to her friends, feeling self-conscious among other dance students (all either small children or feminine flowers), finally participating in a show or play...

Came here from the RCL review. A good decision, I think. There's not too much Applejack pieces floating around, much. (Or maybe that's just me; I tend to focus on Twilight.)

On a side note, a thing I've always wondered is how people write the story summaries to make it so... natural, instead of jarring (looking at most of you, fanfiction.net stories!). I recognize how a summary feels on what seems to be an instinctual level, but if I was told to write it consciously – or even just describe it – I don't think I can do a good job of it, not that I've really tried, though.

What about demi-pointe, and full pointe? What are those?

This is lovely. So lovely.

I really like it when writers give characters a hobby or activity that completely contrasts with their personalities. AJ being a ballet dancer is something no one would’ve expected, and yet, there she is.

Take my upvote, Cillerenda. You deserve it.

Hello! I reviewed this in 2021, but it seems I forgot to award the favourite the fic deserved -- so here, at last, it is. Impressive how much it packs into such a small space, and one of the more interesting Author's Notes I've seen, too.

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