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Twilight will be facing off against her toughest challenges.....Nightmare Moon nightmare Moon's nightmare Colt her friends and maybe someone who is very very close to her well Nightmare Moon.succeed in creating eternal Night or will she be able to find. the five other ponies to help her and create the six cards of Harmony or will she hit the asphalt.

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I how this chapter is a little bit more than the first

You reply to comments by moving your mouse over to the right hand side of the comment you want to reply to and clicking on the >> that appears. Also, I think you should get an editor. Please respond to this comment.

This description alone was so poorly written and edited, that I've made an executive decision to not read this story. If you can't even put forth every to what is essentially the same as the back cover of a book, them it's not even worth my thoughts.

I'm on my phone I don't have a laptop to work on

I'm putting it on hiatus till further notice till I get better I wanna do something that my mom loved and I gotta get better my mom passed in 2017 so I wanna do something she wanted to do so I'm gonna practice

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