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Twilight well face her toughst challenge
Nightmare Moon

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Sorry it was short I'm tired and stuff

I how this chapter is a little bit more than the first

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This description alone was so poorly written and edited, that I've made an executive decision to not read this story. If you can't even put forth every to what is essentially the same as the back cover of a book, them it's not even worth my thoughts.

I'm on my phone I don't have a laptop to work on

I'm putting it on hiatus till further notice till I get better I wanna do something that my mom loved and I gotta get better my mom passed in 2017 so I wanna do something she wanted to do so I'm gonna practice

Had one then lost it been going through stuff

Ok why hate me I been trying to do something I been going through stuff my mom passes maybe I should give up 😔

Why didn't Spike get to go with the girls there?

After finding this yesterday, I just managed to read this fully.
Will it continue? I am quite liking it.

I do feel like there could be more "meat" in the chapters though.
Like description and pacing

Will Spike be able to Turbo Duel too and be part of the Mane 6's bond?

It didn't mention he was asleep in this one though


I will check out the new chapter too in a bit

Managed to read the chapter

It was really sweet

Thanks I have the cards so I just put them in the story put myself in Nate in here too

Phantom night Nate and ignoble Knight Johnny I just did EJ and PN for short

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