• Published 6th Jan 2019
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Almost Grown Up - MEGAKILLER

Fluttershy takes Scootaloo on a vacation, in which she can leave her adulthood behind.

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I think think misspelled "bizarre". "Bazaar" is a type of shopping area, or community gathering spot.

For the record I would like to say THANK YOU! for the scene in part 22. This scene makes this story one of the very few I have read where in a mommy-filly/kid situation that a messy diaper is not only not changed, but is encouraged to be played in! I can't say how many diaper stories I have stopped reading halfway through out of annoyance when a diaper is used and is immediately changed. That is what happens to hundreds of millions of kids each and every day and is totally uninteresting and unoriginal. So again thank you for showing how playing in a messy diaper for a while is much better than having it changed immediately.

I like this so far but I'll say that the language is very odd. Almost archaic. It's almost though you wrote this in another language, then once finished translated it to English.

There are points where Fluttershy is very out of character as well. Calling Scootaloo's actions dumb, that's not something Fluttershy would say. She is shown to be incredibly kind in the show and in the comic series.

Once I finish the story entirely I'll leave more feedback.

No, I was describing the location, 'a floating bazaar', as it was filled with stores and the like, or so I gathered during my read-through.

It also includes romantic relationships, in which ponies share intimate moments in great detail.

D i s g u s t i n g

I'm just looking at this cover art and thinking "There was an attempt?"

I mean no offense, as this is most likely self-made, but Scootaloo is orange, not red. And uh... Her eyes are purple to match her mane, not red. magaimg.net/img/6zct.png

I get that this is probably the least of this story's issues, but I have a policy to not touch stories that focus on a particular fetish. It's not written for a general audience, so I shouldn't expect anything from it to appeal to me personally.

Yes, I know that if you've seen me on other stories, that I tear into things meant to be for the author, but the difference here is that if you publically post your self-insert fanfiction about you going to Equestria and it's written like fucking garbage, I'll call it fucking garbage all day long. Especailly when there's other stories that do it better in the first place without making the main character a self-insert Marty Stu.

Tangent, sorry. Point is, I see your dedication to this (129k words is a lot for a fetish fic, hot damn) and as such, I'm not going to trash you for it. I mean it'd almost be like kinkshaming, and I ain't about that shit, you know? We all got our little things.

What was my point again? Oh right, cover art. Could use some touching up. Along with the writing, apparently. You know, the usual.

This whole story was just... Wow. So much of this hit really close to home. I struggled through school because I just didn't care enough about anything. I recognize Scootaloo's pain, so much of it mirrors my own pain. Almost grown up. Heh. I really thought this was beautiful. A story about growing up and embracing the things you thought were lost to you.

It's been a long time since a story hit me this way. It inspires me to do better, to write better, to get my life together and make something of it. It's been oh so very long since I've felt this way.

over 130000 words and it is getting shat on.

while my stories are less than that amount and get the same amount.


Um...artistic expression is not about attempting to achieve perfect realism. Even if Scootaloo were colored lime green, that would simply be the artist's decision, not an inaccuracy.

I'd argue that if you're going to go through the effort of writing over 120k words you might as well do it right.

The story is a good slice-of-life story and the grammar fairly solid but the writing comes off as unusually stiff, like it's written by someone with a good technical command of writing but not quite as experienced in the little nuances. In my opinion, the best part of the story is how well developed you made the Pegasus city of Skyview. I'd actually like to see additional stories set in that city.

On that note, the first chapter was a bit rocky with an OOC Fluttershy but things get better later on.

Also, how old is Scootaloo supposed to be in this fic? Is she supposed to be a late teenager or a preteen? Because if she's a late teenager, I don't really understand how she could pass for a foal or a filly, even if she was wearing a diaper and using a pacifier; her size and body shape would give her age away. That and I'm surprised no one's commented on that to Fluttershy. Yes, I am aware some younger Ponies have done do but no adult Ponies have done so.

He posts a lot of comment about this on other fics but if you try writing a 130k story it’s understandable to slip up. Some people need to shut up that there’s grammar mistakes or if a word is not quite right I’m fine with people saying this to a 5k or 10k story but if your go onto this guys account he bitches about others and insults people then labels it as constructive criticism now when trying to do this generally your trying to work with the writer to help his/her story improve rather than just pointing out flaws it doesn’t help much to do this it’s annoying. I also want to point out if the writer is not English it may be that the words not typed right are due to either using google translate for certain words or writing what they think is the correct word.

Just enjoy the fics-jellynutbutter

If you're going to use canon characters, you could at least attempt to look at a color guide for them. You lose the point of writing fanfiction if you just change characters willy-nilly. Scootaloo could just be an OC that just looks like her, instead of Scootaloo.

But I'm not an art critic, I just say when something is clearly wrong.

Imagine the unseen sunset being part of that image and it actually doesn’t look so bad

I wish you had more positive comments for the amount of work you put into it. I usually don't comment, but for this one I felt like I needed to step up. It took me days to read the entirety of the story, I wanted to take my time appreciating it, as I knew right from the first chapter that it was something special. This is not a fetish story, not really. This is a story about healing, discovering new things to be passionate about, finding radiance in the unconditional love of someone who truly care, the fetish part is only a catalyst to what this is all about: growing up, as the title and the final words say. Thank you for building such a nice city, creating colorful characters, putting the time to research the real academic subjects and make them merge with the fictionnal principles ever so smoothly. Thank you for making me care and root for the protagonist. Thank you for the wonderful story, it was truly inspiring and will remain one of my very favorites.


Looks at comment dates
You're about a year late to the "Hate on ol' DE" party, but here's some leftover cake. Mind the mold.

Couldn't even manage to fit it into one comment, eh?

Also, I decided to check out where my stories sit in terms of popularity in the padded ponies group. As it turns out, Teeny Tiny Twilight is more popular than any other story besides three non-fetish ones, one of which is Past Sins, so I'm pretty secure in my popularity at this moment~

Besides, my writing attention has long been directed outside of FiMFic. That said, the more you hype me up, the more attractive the thought of once again scouring the Padded Ponies new submissions for proper stinkers becomes... Don't tempt me with a good time, or we might both regret it~

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