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The Sarcastic Brit

Was (in)Famously Known as Greyson Once Upon a Time. Now I'm Just Known as an Arsehole. Nothing New.


Once upon a time, I, Alexander Ian Greyson, lived on a world called Earth. More accurately, rolling myself around in a fine little town somewhere in the N.W of England with an absolute lad of a roommate named Jordan. Love the madman. I wonder how he's doing these days? He'd best be keeping my bloody room in top shape. Not that I'd know if he was or not.

I mean, I've not seem him for what, a few years now?

Hey, it's not my fault I got my sorry crippled arse flung headfirst into Wonderland itself... Actually, maybe it was. Who knows? I sure don't. At least I've still got my trusty wheelchair with me. Ah, good ol' Owen Wheelson, always with me every step of the way. Ha.

(A story written for no other reason other than boredom and/or drunkenness, starring a sarky wheelchair-bound Brit. Also, possible romance, some definite dark humour and a whole load o' wheel puns/jokes abound. Please don't get offended over anything in the story, 'tis merely for humour.)

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Make Fimfiction Great Again!


When’s the next chapter comming out?

Possibly tonight, possibly tomorrow. Possibly when the sun itself goes supernova. Who knows?


I’m gonna say this right now, I love you but I hate you at the same time.
Reason for hate: THE FUCKING JOKES!!!
Reason for love (no homo): THE FUCKING JOKES!!! (And the boop)

By the time I'm through you won't be able to stand them.


BRING IT, I CAN HANDLE IT! (maybe, probably not)

This was glorious ;-; nuff said

wasn't there a different story much like this and what happened to it?

Yes, called "If This is Hell, I've Been a Good Boy," also written by me. There'll be a blog on my profile at some point detailing where and why it went.

Ah. His grand return.


Wait that name sounds familiar. And that pic.....could it be?

How to make your own personalized ashtray

Step 1: Get a Jew
Step 2: Profit

I will use the twenty fifth letter of the English lexicon to show that I do no believe your previous statement

Well I’m an idiot lul. Though I don’t blame you

By stonghoof's ( WoW npc) beard your back!? :pinkiegasp:

Ain't no grave which can hold my body down.

‘Fuckers hit me with a book at high speed because, you know, what better way is there to prove that I’m not on Earth than by yeeting a fucking book at me? None it seems.’

"This bitch crippled! YEET!"

I mean, I would do the same to be frank...Ann Frank. You did nazi that coming, did ya?

You are a mad and insane god and thats why we love ya!

I love where this is going so far,hope to read more fro you soon . best of luck . Everafter

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