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Starlight Glimmer gets quite a few interesting characters to counsel in her office,
each with an emotional, psychological or social problem in need of discussion,
ready to offer advice, hugs, and sometimes just listening.

Each chapter will be a self-contained 'session' of Starlight trying to help those who come to her,
for whatever friendship problem they may have.
Character names will be added as this goes along!

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Fizzy and Starlight connecting does make sense. Reformed villains both uncomfortable with how quickly ponies tend to forgive.

I’d laugh if the next chapter the real Chrysalis shows up and this pony was really just a megalomaniac that Starlight accidentally wronged at some point.

I like the concept...
I expect more updates...

Yeah, I decided to explore their connection more in my next story!

Haha, I was strongly considering just having Chrysalis reveal herself, too.

Hope you liked the Cadance story then!
A bit shorter, because I felt Cadance's problem wasn't the point,
but there was still a lot of heart!
And yes that's the real Cadance, heheh.

They are much kinder and nicer to everypony now. From the destruction of their old life they have built something more harmonious.

She literally just said that changelings become much more convenient for everyone else after they got wrecked and Chrysalis didn't blow her lid? :twilightoops:

Well, they've also become a more peaceful society amongst themselves too.
But really, almost anything Starlight could've said would anger Chrysalis-in-disguise.
She's just really, really good at staying 'in character' when she wants to be.

Can we get Trixie next? It would be interesting. She would probably just come there to visit Starlight, because she refuses to admit she needs counseling...and it would be cool to see Starlight try and convince her that it's okay to ask for help. Also I really ship Trixie/Starlight.

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