• Published 4th Jan 2019
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Glimmering Guidance - Amethyst_Crystal

A series of sessions in which Starlight offers guidance & counseling

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Princess Cadance

Starlight rolled over, hitting her head on a rock. “Ow!” she growled, sitting up and rubbing her skull, wincing, the rock illusion disappearing, revealing to be merely her work desk.

“Ugh, it would take way too much focus to make everything temporarily… not there!” the guidance counselor complained. “Why does everything have to go wrong?!”

“Why does everything go well?” came a counter-question, a pink slender swan-like creature trotting into the room, candy-colored hair drifting down on one side.

“Princess Cadance!” gasped Starlight, scrambling up off the ground. “Eheheh, um…” she squinted, just to be sure. “What are you doing here?” she grinned, nervously.

The Element of Love laughed. “Well, I could talk with you about some of my problems, of course,” she smiled sweetly, “because you have a gift for helping others.”

Starlight was stumbling for her desk, the sudden compliment taking her off-guard too. It wasn’t that she couldn’t handle meetings with the alicorn tetrarchs of Equestria… she just didn’t expect one right now!

“Um yes. Yes, I do pride myself on being a capable counselor, heh. No problems with my problem solving here!” Starlight put her forehooves together nervously, grinning widely.

Cadance walked up to Starlight’s desk, then turned and moved around to her left side, placing a hoof on her back. “How about we trade places? Just for this moment.”

Starlight’s eyes bulged, and she immediately teleported onto the couch in front of her desk, sitting on all fours. “Okay, I’m here, now what?” She was feeling panic start to rise. Was she in trouble?

Princess Cadance giggled again. “I have heard a lot about you, Starlight Glimmer, from all the other alicorns. I am sorry that I have not made any kind of formal or informal visit before now.”

Starlight waved an arm and rolled her eyes. “Pfft! You’re way busy running an empire and stuff, heheh...”

Princess Cadance smirked, putting her own hooves on the table now. “You are very uncomfortable with praise.”

Starlight felt like a thunderbolt struck her psyche. “How did you know? Wait, of course you knew. Of course you are the most empathic alicorn.” Starlight sighed softly, looking down. “Thank you for visiting me.”

Princess Cadance grimaced, resisting the urge to snuggle and comfort Starlight. Not yet. “I have every reason to be grateful and thankful for what you do here at the school of friendship.” She closed her eyes, and put a hoof on her heart, smiling warmly. “Your gift for helping others with hurts of the heart, it has made many students at this school happy.”

Starlight wiped away some tears and smiled. “Thank you… but...”

“But it’s never good enough,” Princess Cadance finished for Starlight. “Because you keep being haunted by the past, stressing about the present, and doubting the future. You shouldn’t cling so often to negativity.”

Starlight got up off the couch, glaring, pointing an accusing hoof. “And what do you know of negativity? You’ve never done a bad thing in your life, Princess!”

A solemn frown etched on Cadance’s face, leaning back in the chair. “Do you really think I had no faults to overcome before I became a princess? Nopony is perfect, so everypony should help one another.”

Starlight sat on the floor again, biting her lip, ears drooping dejectedly. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry...”

Cadance took the most direct route, spreading her wings and swooping down over the desk, landing before Starlight, wrapping her up in a warm hug, squeezing the purple-pink unicorn against her cream-pink fur.

“Don’t ever be sorry for expressing your feelings! There is nothing wrong with feeling angry, or sad, or anything else.” Cadance put her golden slippered forehoof on Starlight’s chest. “It’s what you do with these feelings that counts. And what you’ve been doing lately, is putting all your emotions into helping others’ emotions!”

Starlight stared up into the alicorn’s big purple eyes, tranquil and serene. She felt that aura of calm wash over her, closing her own eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath, sighing.

Cadance stepped back, folding her wings. “Remember: you have to maintain your own well-being too! Then you can help those you care about even more!”

Starlight gave a small smile. “Alright. Thank you so much, Cadance!” she stepped forward and gave the tall slender pony a warm hug and nuzzle.

“Oh good, you dropped the ‘princess’ part.” Cadance pointed out with a grin. “Guess that means I did pretty good, huh?”

Both ponies giggled adorably.

“But seriously, if you ever do need any help, Cadance...” Starlight pressed, pointing with a hoof and a smug smirk.

The Element of Love grinned sheepishly. “Well… maybe there is something...” she mumbled, blushing heavily. “But it’s kind of embarrassing...”

Guidance Counselor Starlight laughed. “It’s a good thing I’m an expert in embarrassments!”

Cadance’s eyes shone, and her grin grew, and the hope in her eyes, renewed the hope in Starlight’s heart.

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Yeah, I decided to explore their connection more in my next story!

Haha, I was strongly considering just having Chrysalis reveal herself, too.

Hope you liked the Cadance story then!
A bit shorter, because I felt Cadance's problem wasn't the point,
but there was still a lot of heart!
And yes that's the real Cadance, heheh.

Well, they've also become a more peaceful society amongst themselves too.
But really, almost anything Starlight could've said would anger Chrysalis-in-disguise.
She's just really, really good at staying 'in character' when she wants to be.

Can we get Trixie next? It would be interesting. She would probably just come there to visit Starlight, because she refuses to admit she needs counseling...and it would be cool to see Starlight try and convince her that it's okay to ask for help. Also I really ship Trixie/Starlight.

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