• Published 17th May 2019
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Starcraft: Warriors of Purity - Xarmar13

Bon Bon and Lyra are sent to the Koprulu Sector on a quest for vengeance.

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Rebel: Antigan Revolution

Sweetie Drops was visibly stunned by the actions of the Protoss that she observed moments before the Hyperion performed a warp jump into another part of the sector. She had just witnessed a fleet of Protoss ships open fire on the entire surface of Mar Sara, incinerating all life on the surface and possibly a few meters below it. Such a display shows just how dangerous these alien races really are.

The door to the bridge opened and Mengsk and Raynor entered.

“Ah, there’s the horse I wanted to see,” Mengsk said.

Sweetie glared at him. “I am a pony, Arcturus” she said with a hint of venom. “The term ‘horse’ is a racial slur among my kind.”

Mengsk detected the venom in her voice and switched to a political facade. “My apologies for the insult to your kind. It was not my intent to gain your hostility.

Sweetie recognized his speech pattern from her time observing Princess Celestia. Knowing she had nothing to gain by losing her temper, she decided to drop the matter. She sighed. “What do you want?”

“We are currently on course for the fringe world Antiga Prime, a fringe colony where my second in command is currently stirring up anti-Confederate sentiment,” Mengsk said. “If she has been successful, we should have a new base of operations soon. As a test of your skills, Sweetie, I want you and Captain Raynor to work with her and secure the Antigans’ support.”

Raynor and Sweetie were given the ranks of Captain and Lieutenant, respectively, and given command of their own squadron that was named ‘Raynor’s Rangers’ which consisted mostly of members of the former colonial militia of Mar Sara. Sweetie didn’t really care about what name they would use.

Raynor and Sweetie acknowledged his request and prepared for the meeting that would take place once the Hyperion reached Antiga Prime.

On the bridge of the Hyperion, the mission table, a device that displays locations, objectives, and other useful information using holograms, was surrounded by most of the key individuals for the mission, with one other, a red haired woman with green eyes, displayed on a nearby monitor. The others included Sweetie, Raynor, Mengsk and the former Magistrate of Mar Sara, now given the title of Commander.

Raynor addressed the Commander and told him about the data discs being decoded and his hopes of something useful coming from that venture into that Confederate installation. The Commander, until now, had been in his cabin recovering from his ordeal with Mar Sara.
“You two have done well,” said Mengsk, referring to Sweetie and Raynor. “I believe our efforts have weakened the Confederacy’s grip on the fringe worlds, but our work out here isn’t done yet.” He turned to the person on the monitor. “Lieutenant Kerrigan, would you please explain the situation?”

“I’ll get straight to the point,” said Kerrigan. “Our sources tell us that Antiga is ready to revolt against the Confederacy, but the Confederates seem to be aware of this as well. A detachment of Alpha Squadron troops under the command of General Duke are stationed near my position and are keeping the colony contained.”

“Sweetie and Raynor,” began Mengsk. “You will meet up with Kerrigan and assist her in dealing with Duke’s officers. Use the resources the colony can provide and deal with the rest of the Confederates in the area. A Dropship has been prepared for you two. The pilot will drop you off near Lieutenant Kerrigan’s position.” With that, Mengsk ended the briefing and retreated to his quarters.

Sweetie looked at Raynor and narrowed her eyes, to Raynor’s confusion. “Jim,” she began. “I am telling you this as a friend. Try your best to keep your perverted thoughts to yourself. I know that you have been thinking those thoughts around the female officers. While I don’t mind, since my people tend to be more open-minded about sex than humans. I’m sure Kerrigan is a mind reader like me and she will likely pick up on those thoughts. So, keep it professional while we’re in the field.”

Raynor blinked. “Uhh...I’ll keep that in mind.”

With that, the duo headed to the launch bay and boarded the Dropship that would take them to the surface. Raynor was glad to see the crew had saved his bike during the evacuation and was loaded up and secured on the Dropship.

The transport launched from the Hyperion and made the short trip to the surface of Antiga and the objective point.

Sweetie and Raynor, with his vulture, disembarked from the Dropship with a squad of Marines into a small canyon. The group followed the path out of the canyon and quickly arrived at the rendezvous point where Kerrigan was waiting.

“Captain Raynor, I’ve finished scouting out the area and-” Kerrigan began. She stopped when she picked up on Raynor’s thoughts. “You pig!”

Raynor sighed as he lowered his head in shame. He knew that Sweetie was behind him rolling her eyes in a way that said ‘I told you so.’ She was probably laughing her ass off on the inside too. “Let’s just get this mission going…” he said and drove a short distance ahead of the girls.

Sweetie could feel anguish and torment coming from Kerrigan, as if she had lived a terrible life. She decided to wait until later to ask her about that...if she was willing.

Sweetie and Kerrigan walked beside each other, following Raynor. “What’s with him?” Kerrigan asked.

“I warned him to avoid thinking perverted thoughts because I figured you use telepathy. I was right and now I get the right to rub it in his face if I so wish.”

Kerrigan giggled. The two enjoyed a short conversation until they crossed a bridge and noticed a number of Confederate Missile Turrets guarded by one Marine.

The group quickly eliminated the Marine then turned their attention to the turrets. “I hate these things,” Kerrigan said. “They can sense me even when I’m cloaked. We should take these out.” As they blasted the turrets, Sweetie decided to research the types of enemies that can detect her presence when cloaked later.

The road ahead was guarded by a lone Wraith fighter. To avoid the risk of the Wraith using its cloaking capabilities, Sweetie activated her cloaking then approached the fighter and launched a lockdown missile at it. She, Kerrigan and the Marines quickly shot it out of the air. With the area clear of enemies, Sweetie decloaked.

“Nice move Sweetie. Which facility trained you?” Kerrigan asked.

“None. I was never put into the Ghost program” Sweetie responded. “I was trained on my home planet as a secret agent to protect my nation.”

Kerrigan hummed before focusing on the mission. Ahead was a Bunker currently in use by the Confederates with a Missile Turret next to it.

There was no room for subtlety in this case so the group blew up the bunker and the soldiers within before tearing down the turret.

With the way clear, Kerrigan snuck past the remaining Confederate defenses and proceeded into the Antigan Command Center where the oppressive Confederate officer was shot in the head.

Kerrigan escorted the hostages out of the command center where a few boarded the few SCVs they had. With the colonial leaders rescued, the rest of the Antigan militia opened fire on the Confederate defenders who were snuck past by Kerrigan. The Confederates and their Bunkers were quickly annihilated in a pincer move by the Antigans and Raynor’s and Sweetie’s group.

The Commander assumed command of the Antigan forces and quickly prepared them to ward off Confederate attack groups that were sure to come in response to what happened. Assessing what the base had, he found a Starport that had the facilities to manufacture Wraith fighters and the means to expand production by adding a Control Tower.

His adjutant picked up on a Confederate strike force on the other side of the lake and no way to reach them on foot. Thankfully, the Starport also had the facilities to manufacture Dropships to ferry troops across the lake.

The Commander had the colonists equipped as Marines and Firebats while ordering the Starport to manufacture Wraiths and Dropships.

Kerrigan, Raynor and Sweetie boarded one of the Dropships along with a sizeable force to deal with the Confederates with Wraiths to act as escorts for the Dropships.

The Dropships unloaded their cargo in one of the least defended parts of the base which had the only Vespene Geyser on the island. The army quickly secured the enemy’s resource expansion and pushed against the Alpha Squadron base.

The base was quickly overwhelmed by the army and the strike force forced to retreat. The Antigans celebrated their victory and thanked their saviors for freeing them from the oppressive grip of the Confederacy.

Their victory was short lived as the Antigans shared their reports with Sweetie, Kerrigan and Raynor. The reports indicated that the Zerg are appearing on this world in large numbers and the Confederates were getting caught in their rampage.

Sweetie’s gut feeling told her that things were going to start spiraling downhill soon.

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