• Published 17th May 2019
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Starcraft: Warriors of Purity - Xarmar13

Bon Bon and Lyra are sent to the Koprulu Sector on a quest for vengeance.

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Rebel: New Gettysburg

Sweetie’s brief communication blackout did not go unnoticed. She didn’t mind that Mengsk suspected something and she was planning on telling Raynor about her intentions anyway.

A knock on the door to Sweetie’s quarters drew her attention away from her thoughts. She beckons for the visitor to enter and finds that Raynor had come to visit her. “We need to talk,” he said.

Sweetie’s training with her psychic power had led to a discovery where she could somehow use her own inherent Equestrian magic as an earth pony to fuel her new psychic power and somehow, to her amazement, create decent imitations of unicorn magic without a horn. It wasn’t as potent as actual unicorn magic but it was enough for her to use the spells she wanted to use.

She was able to use her power to create a privacy spell around her quarters so that those who might have been listening were left out of the conversation. She was the first to speak after she finished casting. “What did you want to talk about?”

Raynor paused for a moment to wonder what his equine companion just did since this was his first time seeing magic, even if he would simply dismiss this as some new form of psychic ability that Kerrigan taught her...but his curiosity won out. “What did you do?” he asked.

“I created some privacy,” she responded. “Any trust I may have had in Mengsk was lost when he started weaponizing the Zerg for his own agenda.”

Raynor couldn’t argue with that. The thought of turning the Zerg against a large center of human population made him sick to his stomach. Even now the Zerg were being lured to Tarsonis by the billions. The Confederacy stood no chance against those numbers . It made him wonder how many lives Mengsk would be willing to throw away before he was finally satisfied. Nobody was safe around him...not himself, not Sweetie and not Kerrigan.

“So what did you want to talk about?” Sweetie asked.

Raynor took a moment to regain himself before returning to the topic that he wanted to discuss. “Can you tell me what happened to you? Your communicator and tracking device were disabled for a time after the assault on the central Tarsonis platform.”

Sweetie smiled which quickly turned into a mischievous grin. “Just a little surprise I have ready for when the time is right. I think you’re gonna enjoy it.” she said. Her expression soon turned serious. “It’s too dangerous for us to continue working with Mengsk. He was willing to sell out this planet to the Zerg. There’s no telling how far he will go to get what he wants. I’m sure he will even throw our lives away if we stay with him any longer. That’s why I am bailing the first chance I get and I hope you are coming with me.”

Raynor gave a slight chuckle. “Seems we’re in complete agreement then.” his expression quickly darkened. “I wanna bring Kerrigan with us. I’ve heard plenty of rumors about her and after what I’ve heard, Mengsk would only add to her suffering or worse, throw her to the wolves.”

Sweetie tilted her head. “What kind of rumors?” she asked.

Raynor sighed before he began. “I’ve heard that she killed her parents by accident with her powers when she was eight years old and conscripted into the Confederate Ghost Program after the funeral. Her time among her instructors was hell and had a negative impact on her psyche; it left her withdrawn from the world around her.”

He shook his head sadly. “Sometime after her training, the Confederates ordered her to assassinate the entire Mengsk family. Thanks to the mental conditioning, she couldn’t even think for herself. She and a couple of Ghosts killed every member of the Mengsk family, except one. And all because the colony of Korhal wanted to be independent of the Confederacy.

“Later, the Confederates subjected her to experiments with the Zerg. I don’t know what the Confederates wanted with Kerrigan with regard to the Zerg, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything good. She was rescued by Arcturus and he used her to kill the other two assassins of his family. That’s everything I heard about her.”

Sweetie briefly mulled over everything Raynor said. Provided that everything he heard was true, there was a chance that Mengsk may be looking for a chance to get rid of her at the first chance while using her guilt to keep her under his control. In a way, Kerrigan was like a prisoner awaiting execution.

An alert suddenly went off to summon the duo to the Hyperion bridge once more. They walked out of Sweetie’s quarters as she silently promised herself that these would be the last orders that she would follow from Mengsk. For a brief moment, Sweetie couldn’t help but wonder how similar Mengsk was to Blueblood and that made her shudder in disgust.

Lyra was sitting in a chair next to Tassadar on the bridge. Knowing that her marefriend was alive and well filled her with elation, the feeling which was picked up by her mentor who chuckled internally.

The expedition had recently received an alert about a large gathering of Zerg on the planet Tarsonis. The report suggested that this was the largest gathering of the vile creatures yet. While the fleet was planning to repeat the same procedure as Chau Sara, Mar Sara, and Antiga Prime, there were also reports that the Terrans had not yet evacuated the planet.

Lyra looked up Tassadar and spoke. “We have to help them. There are so many innocent lives on that planet whose lives are in danger.”

Tassadar returned the look. “You realize that this goes against the orders of the Conclave. If we try to assist them, then we may earn the ire of our superiors.”

Lyra shook her head. “I don’t care, those people need our help and no Conclave is going to tell me otherwise.”

Tassadar couldn’t help but admire the young mare’s courage. If he had a mouth, he would be smiling. If she was willing to go against the Conclave, then he would support her in any way he could. “Very well, I shall send a relief force to assist the Terrans with their evacuation. You shall go down there with them. It’s about time you got some field experience.”

Lyra smiled and happily nodded. She thanked the templar executor for the opportunity before following some troops to the nearest Shuttle.

The Commander’s adjutant informed Mengsk, Sweetie and Raynor about several dozen Protoss warships on a course for the primary Zerg Hive. Mengsk was concerned about the Confederates escaping if the Protoss engaged the Zerg, so he ordered Sweetie and Kerrigan with a strike force to deal with the Protoss.

Sweetie ground her teeth after hearing Mengsk’s latest order. She knew that this would mean that she was being made to fight against the friends that her marefriend had made recently. He may even be wanting her and Lyra to fight each other, an order that she would never follow.

Before she could voice her complaints however, Raynor was the first one to snap. “First you sell out every person on this world to the Zerg, then you ask us to go up against the Protoss? And you’re goin’ to send them down there with no backup?” he yelled.

Mengsk put up his political facade and calmly stated that he had confidence in Kerrigan’s and Sweetie’s abilities to deal with the Protoss before he walked off.

“This is bullshit” Raynor grumbled.

“I’m going down there,” Kerrigan said. “Arcturus knows what he’s doing, I can’t back out on him now.”

“Funny, I never thought of you as anyone’s martyr,” Raynor mumbled, darkly.

Raynor shook his head and tried to reason with the guilt-riddled Ghost. “Why are you doin’ this Kerrigan. Look, I know ‘bout your past. I mean I’ve heard the rumors. I know that you were part of those experiments with the Zerg and that Mengsk came and saved you. But you don’t owe him this. Hell, I’ve saved your butt plenty of times,” he said while referring to the missions that they went on together while Sweetie was plotting in her room.

“Jimmy, drop the knight in shining armor routine. It suits you sometimes, just not now. I don’t need to be rescued. I know what I’m doing. The Protoss are coming to destroy the entire planet, not just the Zerg. I know this because...well I just know it. I am a Ghost, remember? Once we’ve dealt with the Protoss we can do something about the Zerg. Arcturus will come around. I know he will.”

Raynor realized that he was not going to be able to convince her to abandon this mission. With a sad sigh, he wished her luck and walked away. However, he was not about to leave her high and dry so he went to the armory to get his suit ready.

A base camp was established dangerously close to the Zerg, much to Sweetie’s growing frustration to the fact that they not only have to deal with the Protoss, but they also have to defend against the Zerg next to them without causing damage to the hive cluster and their base is placed in the most disadvantageous position imaginable. To make matters worse, she is also having to be put into this mess not because Mengsk ordered it, but because Kerrigan was blindly going along with this suicide mission.

Sweetie decided to leave organizing the base to Kerrigan while she scouted ahead to check out the Protoss. She figured that Kerrigan would have the Battlecruisers, that were commandeered recently, outfitted and ready to be used against the Protoss. In the meantime she looked around the battlefield and soon came across the aliens. Some of them were already moving against the base to get to the Zerg. Everything about the mission annoyed her to no end. The Zerg should be the ones to be eliminated and yet she saw humans and Protoss fighting each other because of the ambitions of a madman.

She observed a small scouting party of Marines heading southeast to look for the Protoss base when they were intercepted by a lone enemy.

Sweetie could not properly make out the figure from where she was so she moved in closer to discover that the figure was the familiar figure that she knew and loved.

Lyra was standing against the Marines with a sad look in her eyes and then she spoke. “Why are you defending the Zerg while they are slaughtering so many of your people? I don’t understand.”

One of the Marines spoke up in response. “We’re under orders from General Mengsk to keep you and yer Protoss buddies away from the Zerg. If you don’t leave this planet now, we’re gonna see how many holes we can blast into ya,” he threatened.

Lyra let out a sad sigh as she advanced on the party. The Marines took aim with their rifles and Sweetie started scrambling to stop them.

What Sweetie saw next left her stunned. For a moment, it appeared like Lyra disappeared, but then she appeared behind the squad while a pair of energy weapons, from a pair of devices that Sweetie noticed that she was wearing on her forearms, were deployed. One swipe left a Marine severed from his midsection, another swipe left another split down the middle. Before the rest of the Marines could react, they were all cut into pieces by Lyra’s energy blades. Sweetie had to admit, Lyra had developed some impressive combat skills over the time that they had been apart.

Sweetie took a moment to regain her composure after admiring Lyra’s fight and then called out to the warrior pony.

Lyra’s body suddenly tensed and her ears drooped as she heard the familiar voice, one whom she was hoping did not see her first real fight because she ended up killing who could have been friends of her marefriend. She turned into the direction of the voice and a small amount of despair filled her.

Sweetie approached Lyra and began to notice that she was behaving like she was caught cheating on her with another pony. She had to ask what was wrong. “Lyra, what’s wrong?”

Lyra shifted uncomfortably before finally responding. “You saw that, didn’t you?”

Sweetie raised an eyebrow trying to figure out why she would behave like that after killing a few Marines “You think I’m mad about you killing those marines?” Lyra’s ears perked up in a hopeful manner which told Sweetie that she hit the mark. She sighed before continuing. “These people are getting themselves needlessly killed over a stupid mission that should not even be happening in the first place. They were simply following orders and started threatening you. You had every right to defend yourself. Even if you didn’t, I would have either ordered them to back down or killed them myself if they weren’t going to listen to me.”

Lyra tilted her head in confusion. “So, they weren’t your friends?” she asked.

Sweetie shook her head. “No, they were just troops following orders. I have a couple of friends among the Humans...and don’t start about your usual Human stuff. This is hardly the time or place to rant about you being right about Humans existing.”

Lyra giggled nervously because she was considering doing just that. After that, the two exchanged a long hug and a passionate kiss that lasted for a little over a minute since there were no other combatants nearby.

“Anyway, what impresses me right now are those skills of yours. Did you learn how to fight like that from the Protoss?” Sweetie asked.

Lyra nodded. “Tassadar and his students taught me how to fight with these weapons.” She raised her psi blades to show them to Sweetie.

Sweetie chuckled. She was glad that Lyra was safe and she was able to protect herself. In fact, she was more worried for whoever got in Lyra’s way as those blades could cleave through flesh and metal like soft butter.

The two exchanged pleasantries for a few more minutes before Lyra switched to a more serious topic. “Why are the humans fighting the Protoss?”

Sweetie sighed before responding. “It’s because me and a couple of friends of mine are working under a madman who would use the Zerg as a weapon to eliminate his enemies. I have already been planning my escape from him and to bring my friends with me.”

“Why don’t you and your friends come with me? I’m sure it’s better than working with that madman.”

Sweetie smiled. “That won’t be necessary. I already have my own plan to get out of this mess.”

Lyra gave a slight jump as she received a telepathic transmission from Tassadar informing her that the Terrans had forced his forces to retreat and that he was sending a Shuttle to pick her up.

“Looks like we won’t have time to catch up right now, Bon Bon. Apparently, our forces are retreating and I’m being picked up. I hope we can be together again soon,” Lyra said. A Protoss Shuttle arrived and enveloped her in a light before disappearing with the Shuttle flying off into orbit.

The next few minutes would be remembered by the Ghost pony for a long time.

A transmission played in Sweetie’s communicator that filled her with dread. <“This is Kerrigan, we’ve neutralized the Protoss but there’s a wave of Zerg advancing on this position. Send immediate evac.”>

<“Belay that order, we’re moving out.”> Mengsk said.

<“What!?”> said Raynor, outraged. <“You’re not just gonna leave them?”>

<“All ships, prepare to move away from Tarsonis on my mark”> Mengsk said.

<“Uh, boys? How about that evac?”> Kerrigan asked, her voice increasingly worried.

<“Damn you Arcturus! Don’t do this!”> Raynor yelled.

<“It’s done”> Mengsk said with an evil smirk. <“Helmsman, signal the fleet and take us out of orbit. Now!”>

<“Commander? Jim? What the hell’s going on up there…”> Kerrigan’s transponder signal was quickly lost as her position was overwhelmed by Zerg.

Sweetie didn’t have time to mourn her lost friend as the Zerg started to pursuing her. Zerglings and other Zerg strains began hunting for her in large numbers. She was putting up the best resistance that she could and cloaking to avoid the larger hunting parties but she was quickly being overwhelmed and began to regret not accepting Lyra’s offer for a ride off the planet.

Sweetie’s salvation came when a Dropship appeared with Raynor in a black CMC suit opening fire on the Swarm and creating an opening for Sweetie to jump into the Dropship. The ship’s escape was harried as a group of Mutalisks chased after them. The duo opened fire on the flying Zerg until she ran out of ammo. A Mutalisk rammed into the ship and caused Sweetie to lose her rifle as it fell off the ship.

A squad of Wraiths were nearby and opened fire on the pursuing Zerg giving the duo some room to breathe. Sweetie released the breath she didn’t know she was holding and fell back on one of the seats in the transport. With that experience over, her mind was free to turn to more important thoughts.

At this point, she didn’t know who she wanted to kill more: Blueblood or Arcturus Mengsk.

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