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Some errors but this could turn out fun/interesting.

Might be interesting, we will see where this goes, yes?

Are you looking for another Kratos idea? Here is mine.
This a free idea if anyone wants to used it. This idea pop into my head when I was watching a God of War review.
This guy goes to a convention with his wife and daughter and see them get killed in front of him. He grabs the first weapon near him it just so happens to belong to the Resident evil 4 shopkeeper booth, and he just took out the Blades of Athena for cleaning when the guy grabs a hold of the weapons brutally murdered the killer. Afterwards he drops the weapons fall to his knees and mourn his family's death.
And that all I got the, idea is open if anyone wants it. Just make sure you said me a link when have the first chapter is out.
Thanks to kanemc98 for the addition to the idea.
First make this mature and romance
Second anthro verse will be the best
Third merchant tells the guy he will have a new life with a new family
Fourth herds are allowed
Fifth he can use the magic of the gods
Sixth depend on what god of war your using
Lastly have it to the point he kills blue blood people will love it

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Please continue this

You captured his personality well. Still waiting to see where this goes.

"His son did not sound like a whiny little bitch." Seems uncalled for...

And he went to take a sh*t.

Lands on a new world and the frist thing he does is take a shit

what do you think?? it's fucking Kratos!!

i'm pretty sure we can make a drinking game out of this XD

More. I want to see him scare the students with his tales of battle and tragedy!

I look forward to this.

This is good MORE!!!!!!

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You know Spike has his own bed now? He doesn't need to sleep in a basket anymore.

He does? But he hasn't grown at all. Weird.

The thumbnail is just like โ€œBOIโ€

How funny. I was considering editing it in. I might just do that, actually.

Please tell me this isnโ€™t just gonna be a 3 chapter then cancelled story. I love god of war but I can never find a good story

Just read it iz goot ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

Suddenly, it was at this moment, the boi meme ended up deader than before.

As long as Kratos lives, the boi meme lives.

A joke is good the first time it is told, but it ends up losing its meaning when it's repeated a million times.

If you don't enjoy it, then don't read this story. It's just as simple as that. I agree, there are memes that are overused, but I have chosen to include the boi meme in this story, and so it shall remain.

I didn't say the story is bad, I said the meme is bad.

If you dont like the boi meme your trash

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Hymn .. they might not be able to teleport him or use a portal but a gate spell shooooould work. He just cant touch the edges unless he wants to be torn in two like a guillotine.

Still like this story please don't stop with this keep it going

Im really into this story so far! Im excited to read more, hope you will continue writing it!

The young dragon Does seem to like his muscles


I mean, theres an easy way back for kratos. just go back through tartarus, probably wouldn't be too hard for him.

This...this is good MAKE KRATOS FIGHT A MANTICORE !!!!!!!!!!!......if you please

Its these fics with serious characters in mlp that you really see how cringey some of the names in the show are๐Ÿคฃ

I think you made a mistake with the size of the dragon fang it was about the length of Kratos's hand and while he is a big guy he's only 7ft 7.5ft tall. Which is large compared to most races except dragons in MLP the fang I doubt is the length of her leg.

So far I'm enjoying the start other then my complaint above I really like it.

It was the length of her arm, not leg. Since Kratos is a big guy, like you said, it would fit in his hand, while smolder is a lot smaller than him.

probably wouldn't be the first time

I was talking about twilight in the first chapter

Welp, I think that it will be good, BOI

I like this quite a bit, but I must say...

WHY?!?!? WHY GET RID OF OUR BOI?!?!? :fluttercry:

the second story today to show up in the updated section, and no new chapters. how odd... xD

it's dangerous to go alone, take this BOI to protect yourself!

Give this man a BOI

When's the new chapter coming up

By the time you crawl out of Tartarus, it'll be out, I promise. (Pretty soon)

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