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Comment posted by King_Kratos deleted Jan 22nd, 2019

Ocellus will be the only one to show up after school isn't she?

Just like Ocellus, finals are comin' up fast for me. Don't expect another chapter until after 1/25/19.

Me too bro*Sniff**looks at piles of files* Me too*Sobs*

Nice start, and shockingly wholesome compared to what I was expecting. The writing is solid and the look at testing strategies was legitimately interesting. Looking forward to seeing more of this, and good luck with your finals!

Interesting story so far, curious to see what happens next

Please continue to write more, very curious to see where the story goes.

Will this story be continued? Also hope you did well on your finals, I just took mine.

I'm not being rude or anything but when the next chapter will be released, also i hope you did good with your finals.

That was a sweet and awesome read can't wait to see where this goes next (no rush)

yo, great start yo the story, really looking forward to where it goes

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