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When two infants creatures appeared in her bed, Twilight Sparkle couldn't help but feel curious. And that moment, she later realized, was when her entire life would get quite hectic.

All around Equestria, strange events started to take place, a new kind of energy bathed the world overnight, and now odd creatures were popping all over the globe.
And little did Twilight know, that the two babies with her were an important piece of the new mystery.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 11 )

From just looking at the cover art, this is either a Naruto-crossover, or something involving Naruto and other shows... I'll be keeping a close eye on this story

Yep, it is a crossover with Naruto featuring as mc both Naruto and Sasuke(though you can guess that from the cover, so... xP), and well, I hope you stick for the next few chapters at least; my main focus with this is the interactions between characters, though there will be a lot of adventures here and there while the plot is moving forward.
Thanks for the comment!

What happened next I like your story so far I'm am curious can you do the next chapter please

I love the pictures too cute

I like the story it's cool

i agree. too many authors make their characters to receptive, or too OOC. a healthy dose of skepticism, followed by actual thought is what makes these stories shine. and yours is as bright as a beacon

Excuse me, I'm just going to perform a premature-
-okay, better now. just getting that out of the way now.


Haha, Thanks, I'll probably going to change that pic for a new one soon, but I'm glad you liked it.
And Thank you for comment!


Even now, I'm not completely satisfied with the way I wrote this, I feel the pace doesn't seem as natural as I'd like, so I'll probably going to change a few things in the future. I tried to make Twilight quite receptive of the situation while at the same time questioning what's going on, more of that attitude is in later chapters.
And Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it. :raritywink:

Haha, are you okay now that you let that out? :rainbowlaugh:

I do have one question for this story is Twilight going to adopt them ?

Absolutely. Now, instead of one every half chapter, I'll be doing one every second half chapter.

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