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This story is a sequel to Derpy's Hearth's Warming Eve

Though she enjoys the annual New Year's Eve party in Ponyville, Derpy decides to slip away for some peace and quiet, collecting her thoughts while looking forward to a new beginning.

Set after the Hearth's Warming depicted in S8E15 "The Hearth's Warming Club."
The second in a series of one-offs exploring the world through the crossed eyes of Best Pony. Enjoy! :derpytongue2:

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Happy New Year's Eve!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *Sounds of confetti intensifies*

-Karnazom, from Philipines

happy new year !

Holy cow, I don't know why I just now realized what this was, but THANK YOU! I feel honored that anyone liked this enough to do a reading of it! :rainbowkiss:

He kind if had a habit if not telling authors prior, until I pointed out most would have reactions like your having ^^’

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