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I write horse words. Sometimes people pay me to.

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Well, that went from cute to hot real quick.


Thank you!

It was written to be a 0-60 thing

Well this was an interesting story, through even if there isn't any ponies in it, keep it up.

Probably a little surprising? I take it you liked it?

I'll keep it up, just you wait for more!

I think it's good, I can't really comment much on it since I'm in it and I've never really thought about how Deer would act in lewd situations or other related stuff, even more so since Wand is involved and he's the least lewd guy in the universe AND THERE ARE SOME ASSUMPTIONS ON SIZES OK, it's ok tho, I won't confirm or refute anything

Thank you for telling me. And yeah, I kinda took some licenses with things...

'Bout time someone made a story based on this image... Will read later.

You know, I half expected this to be a story featuring Tyandaga. :rainbowlaugh:

“We’re taking you home, we wouldn’t your pre to freeze to your cock,” Goodly spoke into my ear.


I hesitantly lifted my forelegs up and rested them lightly on her pert ass. The warmth of her pussy on my cock was amazing, I could feel myself getting close already… Then she let her fall towards mine, only arresting the motion as her lips pressed against mine. She had stopped moving her hips, and for the moment I was safe.

Her what, exactly?

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