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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.


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Oh this is a great story so far, at first I thought it was just something silly, then there was an interesting introspection to it then with the mare a mystery which got me very intrigued; I loved it, can't wait to see the next chapter. keep it up.

If you want a cover art PM me I could cut you a deal for a commission.

Aside from calling Thunderlane "Thunderwing" a few times, this is a good start. :twilightsmile:

Oh this was an even better chapter then before, I love how Thunderlaine was stressing over his accident.
Maybe Thunderlaine will start developing more foalish habits as the stress of his secret will become more and more pervasive in life. I wonder what will really be stopping him form eventually going to see a Doctor about it?
I wonder if Thunderlaine is going to move out of his parents house and move in on his own where his ABDL conditioning grow freely rampant away from the most prying eyes. I wonder if this is going to spread into his daily life as well, I think he could mostly hide it under his Wonderbolt uniform but I think he will have to make himself scarce after shows and training unless pants becomes a thing for him then.

I wonder what will be the endgame of that pegasus mare, unless it is somehow Luna uses her dream walking abilities to do so. Anyway I wonder if she will try to intorduce herself as his marefriend to become increasingly more dependent on her and to add more of the foalish behavior to Thunderlaine? It is implied that this is not the first time she does this, so there are likely other who went under the same conditioning as he did.

Nice, I did though of a magic onesie that make the garment and diaper invisible, looks like you beat me to it. I did like the how you described the mounting anxiety about the toilet and how the bed wetting happens the everyday. I wonder if he will start to feel naked and uncomfortable without diapers and find them to be a form of security for him. Could the mare become his marefriend could it be that she build up her customer base this whole time, how did it start out for her in doing it in the first place? Can't wait to see the next chapter.

Thank you so much for your comments! I actually have a back story set up for them, so she won't need to pose as his mare friend. Not sure if it will come in the next chapter or later, but I am working on the next one now. I am so thrilled you are loving this story! Your encouraging comments mean so much to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope you continue to love this story as it eases on down the road! Thank you again! :rainbowkiss:

Damn you're on fire today and you are only on chapter 4. I wonder if he will have to start eating foal food or anything that is reduced to paste, could his taste-buds change somehow? I can't wait to see him messing his diaper, but I suppose it is just implied and that you understandably don't want to show that. Could he lose his job, what would he do then, could he find a few playmates from Mesma, is his behavior with other adults is going to be affected?

Dude, you are amazing. I haven’t done a messing scene yet because he hasn’t progressed that far, but he will eventually. And I think his behavior with other adults will be effected, but not enough to lose his job. But it will be enough to raise suspicion for sure. And he’s actually Mesma’s first guinea pig of this nature. I’ll get to that more later when I tell her story. But I can tell you that hypnosis is her special talent, so she knows how to perfect it. And as far as foal food, I haven’t actually thought on that much. We’ll see what happens as Mesma and TL keep talking to me. I’m so glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for reading!:heart:

No problem, I just love a slow burn story with the protagonist is gradually turned into a ABDL and see how it affects his life in detail, this is just the slow degradation/regression story that I love to read. Could it be that at some point TL is going to have trouble making choices form himself where it starts with which serial he should yet to no longer being able to make decisions for himself?
I wonder if he will start peeing in clouds when ever his diaper is oversaturate?
So if TL is her first unsuspecting test subject I suppose that they other were more or less willing in doing it?
Now if only that could start spreading toward Rumble too somehow later it could add an new dynamic to the situation but you never know.

Actually she hadn't tried any of this before with anyone. She got the idea after... Well, you know what, go in my inbox and I'll tell you the story. It's the least I can do. :)

Pink and white striped mane?
Sound a lot like cozy glow

Nah, I don't want to be ruined the surprise on that, I rather throw ideas in and see what sticks or what spine you would take on it. Good luck on your writing.

Nice chapter again, so she started to hypnoses in a show and the programed him to follow the next step later instead of just starting right there I though it was interesting.

So I take it he is also being turned into a sissy with starting to refer himself as she on three occasions? Wonder what is the plan with that.

Dammit. There were not supposed to be She’s in there. Can you help me find them?

Edit: I only caught two. Help?


Thunderlane stood there, dumbstruck. He could not believe what he had just done. Though he could take some comfort in the fact that he had at least tried to get to the toilet. But the comfort was cold. Much like some of his diaper was beginning to get. It was the sensation of clamminess that drew him out of his shock. He shook his head in order to clear it and snap himself out of it. For the first time, he could feel the mess in [her] diaper. The way it rubbed against him felt disgusting, but the warmth was nice in contrast to the clamminess he had been feeling. He supposed that he hadn’t realized he had wet earlier either.

I was sure there was at least another one left

Well, this story is certainly turning out fun so far~
I like the gradual reveal of stuff... oh, and the hypno and diaper combination, that's good to see.

A definite plus for me is the gradualism of it, going a little bit at a time...

I saw the chapter and went yay I love poopy diapees.

Things are getting quite interesting for poor Thunderlane.

I wonder if Spitfire will be influenced by the mare like Thunderlane has? :applejackunsure:

Well this is an interesting turn of events, I like that TL is losing some of his self-control over his inhibitions which also include the bad side of that with the anger part. Like how his mind is slipping into the foal state, but I wonder his that will really start to really affect his judgment at some point.

I really did like how you went about explaining TL though process in who he should consider to tell, though I would have though RD been on the list before being rejected because she can't keep her mouth shut. It was lice that he even considered Twilight. I though Wind Rider being touched upon was interesting in the back story, it makes the story feel more real.

I can't wait to see what will happen when he tell's SF about his condition. If she takes it really badly she could fire him, but then again TL could sue his for invalid reason and a medical condition would be cause for discrimination unless his health could become an issue; TL would only have to hold his ground on that. on the flip side if she takes it well TL would be subjected to a battery of tests which could become very invasive at some point even going to see s a shrink as well and would probably add a stipulation for TL to keep his job and career, maybe he is just going to give up because it doesn't seem to work at all. What would be really bad for TL is the likelihood of his secret of going public which the reaction to that would be even wilder, then again he could become a promoter for the ABDL store, if it is accepted.

Looking forward to see what happen next, I hope sleepers will come later in the story.

“Are you- Are you sure?”

“Does this look like the face of some pony who isn’t sure?”

He hesitated for half a second. “No…”

I wasn’t even thinking of that when I wrote it! But who knows, maybe my subconscious remembered it? :rainbowhuh:

Well, I would have loved to see that support for the family/team during the Equestrian tryouts? Still, I think you did a good a nice dialogue you had there.

I would love to see the whole Wonderbolts padded up for actually laughing at TL or the fun of it. I would have though that she would try to send him to the doctor with her full support. Though, I would have loved to see TL lose his job and seem him degenerate into a homebody or something that relates to ABDL stuff. I hope things still keep getting worst for TL, maybe forced into a three month rest or something later on if things getting getting worst.

Thanks for the review my friend! Rest assured, things will get worse for poor Thunderlane.

As for the rest of the Bolts, I don't know how they'll react yet. We'll have to see how it goes.

And as for him taking a leave of absence, I'm not quite sure if that will happen or not. It might. But probably after certain events I have planned for later. :raritywink:

9378068 Does he really deserve to have worse things happen to him? He's already 24/7 diaper dependent and in public too.

It’s not going to be in public, the next big change happens. But it will raise a LOT of questions for the bolts. I’ll leave it at that. But I’m Always cool with giving a few spoilers to trusted friends, so if you wanna know, message me. It’d be nice to get some fresh eyes.

Ooh, it looks like Mesma may finally be ready to get involved with her little one. :rainbowkiss:

It's gonna be awesome. She's been waiting for that for a lonnnng time.

I really like how you solved the whole problem with the team without any shenanigans or anypony making a big deal out of it.

...although now I can't help thinking about Mommy Mesma going after the rest of the Wonderbutts. :trixieshiftleft:

I snorted when I read that comment :rainbowlaugh: And she will, but not in the way you're thinking.

Really? Because I'm thinking either getting them to wear diapers out of "solidarity", or getting them to treat him more and more like a little foal during training.

Actually, you know what, I like the second idea. But hmmm... I don't know. Where would it fit into her plan....?

Multiple ways, really.
It could be just to reinforce her conditioning on him when he can't stop being treated as a foal even during training (subtly at first, so he doesn't even notice anything is different when they start giving him changes or playing foalish games with him).
It could be that she wants to extend her influence so after a while his team "gets the idea" to wear diapers "out of solidarity" during training and do more stuff he likes to do until they're acting like foals in the locker rooms, changing each other and taking team bonding trips to Mesma's place.
It could be that she just wants to tease him a little so she gets them to either subconsciously start using his triggers while treating the results as normal, or start deliberately triggering him to make him blush adorably; sometimes training with him as a valued teammate and sometimes training with him as their padded team mascot.

See but that interferes with my climax...

Cute, I wonder what will happen the TL now after that visit.

Ah, I get it. Well, don't take on anything that would mess up your plot.
If you can't get the idea out of your head after this, you can always make it an alt/bonus chapter, an alt/side story or a completely unrelated story.

Love that. It might happen in canon, actually. Just not how you think.

Rest assured, it will be awesome.

That was a cute little play session between the two. :rainbowkiss:

I had way too much fun writing that XD I plan on more cuteness and drama in later chapters. Stay tuned! :scootangel:

Cute chapter, wonder what he will remember after that?

9381373 Probably not much since he hasn't remembered any of the other commands given to him. He thinks it's happening naturally out of the blue.

I will give a slight spoiler here: He will think it was a dream.

Nice to see that you took my suggestion on the mash food part, I hope to see how TL is breastfed by 'mommy'. Oh I hope Spitefire is going to be ensnared into her clutches, maybe give her a mommy persona or a disciplines one of TL to follow after hours. Having her a another foal could be interesting but it needs to have it's own twist to it. This is interesting so far, can't wait to see what happens next.

I don’t quite think Mesma would Allow another Mommy on her turf. She’s too selfish for that. But a babysitter... well, that’s another story. Although I’m Not sure Mesma would have to do anything for that to happen. The way I see it, Spits might do it of her own volition, to protect TL and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.

Nice chapter but I hope you will get back at being cruel again with TL soon, those are the fun parts.

It will come, believe me. But the slow build of tension is what creates a good climax.

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