• Published 29th Dec 2018
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One Little Slip - FabulousDivaRarity

Thunderlane has been hiding something every night. But some pony else has been hiding a lot more. (ABDL Themes)

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Thunderlane! You devil :rainbowwild:

Huh, it had been a fun read just wished to have scene some more of TL's situation. I hope you will be doing more writing like this.

Not sure what ABDL means but a quick look through comments and the related stories makes me think diaper stuff right? Not really my thing but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

9398127 It means Adult Baby/Diaper Lover. There's actually some key differences between them. Diaper lovers just enjoy wearing diapers for various reasons, whereas adult babies to varying degrees want to be treated as babies, to feel young and cared for.

Would be cute to see a sequel where Spitfire starts babying Thunderlane on the side. Maybe she could even expand it to the other bolts as a team building exercise.

Just might take you up on that when the inspiration hits!

Ah, thanks! Appreciate the heads up.

Skipped to the epilogue, now I have to read the whole thing.

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