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Perfect. Totally perfect. It was that awful, wretched, non-consensual gray area that wasn't the cartoon of rape you always see on this site. This was rape, make no mistake, and I'm sure plenty of people need to see that.

And it was sexy to read. Hope to see other ponies in this story, Flutters was perfect, I'd love to see how fat brony fuck can get AJ or Dash.

No bro, keep the realism. Let's watch Rainbow Dash buck his testicles up into his lungs.

What realism there is in Flutters saying "You can just ask" and sucking his smelly dick by herself? But yeah, Dash can buck him in the nuts... or he can (accidentally) use her deep unsureness of herself, or she would want to 'prove' she's experienced lover and doesn't fear a dick, or any other semi-real reasons. Depends on author.

It's mostly in the way the rape was carried out. Rape is always portrayed as the cartoonishly over the top version, this is still just as awful and is something a little more close to home.

Ah, yea, can agree on that!


Actually the intention there was that the slap intimidates her into compliance. Maybe the "you could just ask" wording is a bit too feisty for Fluttershy, though, yeah. The problem is when writing from the creep's perspective, I can't really explain what's going through her head, just his poor guesses at it.

Anyways, I'm really glad you liked it! Dash would be the natural continuation, because she seems the one most liable to rush into getting revenge for Fluttershy. So, that might happen, we'll see!

Haha, I'm glad someone appreciated that! :D

The Virgin self insert
The Chad HiE

Seriously though, looking forward to more.

Just your typical "oh wow I'm in Equestria" fare... but with an absolute creep of a brony as the storyteller. You know, the one who is all the negative stereotypes come true at once.


Is this still going?

Yes! I've been a bit dormant for a while, and trying to write some other things that failed, but I want to keep this going and your comment gave me a burst of motivation to write a chunk more of chapter two this morning :)

Sorry everyone, I'm very slow and inconsistent.

i'm glad i could help i love the concept and cant wait for more

Apology is not accepted. You are not a FlitterFloosh. Work Faster.



It's up! I have no idea how this site works in terms of notifying people that a new chapter is posted, so I'm tagging at least the people who specifically mentioned part two ^^

It's not great or anything though ><

Oh great! It updated and there'll be more with Twi! Woohoo!

Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

I like this can't wait to see what happens when twilight meets him

I edited chapter two! I decided to ditch the cop out "can't really tell you what happened" thing and add a bunch more words of lewd detail. Hopefully people enjoy that!

Comment posted by Kichi deleted Mar 6th, 2019

What happens of ponies have a Non-con Fetish And they keep returning to him

Amazing, I'm loving this story and then want more, it's amazing to listen to his delusional way of seeing the world.

Careful what you say, whatever you say may weigh on you in the future.

That art cover...

It's Alcor isn't it?

Still waitin on the Fluttershy sequel especially if she ends up like Twilight or Aj gettin dominated 'cause its always the reverse with her.

marely legal Earth pony

That pun really hurts...

Oh yeah, this guy is beyond disgusting. Please have this end well, with him getting his cock torn off.

You better watch out, Trixie. You might call the shots now, but as soon as Brony realise he's immune to magic, it'll be turnabout time.

Also, I'm alittle disapointed that Trixie didn't join in on the fun. You'd think she'd jump at the chance to get eaten out by Twilight.
But there's always the next chapter amiright?

Damn, pretty brutal Trixie!

He's not immune to magic, but you've correctly detected the planned direction for the next chapter :p

With regard to "turnabout time", anyway!

Not sure what you mean about AJ, who hasn't featured yet. But so, you want more Fluttershy, and with her being dominated? I do wanna give him another go at his previous conquests later on... so certainly doable!

What I meant was Aj getting dominated, most erotic fics with Aj have her dominating the "lowly" "beta male" anons and SI so it would be nice to see the reverse for a change or her acting like Twilight when the deed be done (reluctant acceptance).
For Fluttershy I personally just wanna see her like Twilight, maybe not in the same scenario but with a similar finish, less reluctant acceptance like Twi more converted priestess yanno more innocent and "pure". If you get my meaning. English isn't my strong suit it's hard to find the words.

Gotcha! Well, I'll say straight up that I don't anticipate any ponies domming him, and do want to hit each member of the Mane Six. So some kind of domming AJ ought to feature, I would like to bring Fluttershy back, and I will take the suggestions onboard. Not sure yet how that later stuff will play out yet.

I see.
Oh it's happening already? That's interesting. I wonder how that'll pan out since Trixie is his safety net right now... Then again, she did pass control to him so he could possibly ambush her as soon as she gets back...

Sorry, don't mind me.
Anything planned with Spike? Like forcing Twi or Rarity rape him?

I must admit it's unlikely that Spike will feature sexually.

Fuck Twilight in the Ass next!

I did a little bit of clean-up and minor rewriting of Chapter Three. Nothing that'd demand a re-read, but it feels right to disclaim it anyway.

This is good in a disgusting way. I'd love to see that Mirror used more in future chapters, please trap Trixie with it!

I wouldn't mind seeing Trixie fall prey to her own medicine.

Specifically with the mirror? Or just having the tables turned on her?

Surprise us. Honestly a princess would be even better.

you could even have him make twilight hypnotize her... twilight is a master magician after all...

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

I kinda locked myself out of my account and recovery email, as well as going through some weird phases writing-wise. I hope to write some more gross brony x pony stuff, whether chapters here or otherwise, but things are also busy -_-
No promises sorry, but at least I'm back now.

Awesome, glad to hear you're still into this. I feel like there's a real dearth of stuff that's properly shameless in this way.

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