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A short side story set in the Pandemic Universe, however none of the main stories need to be read to generally understand this story.

In the aftermath of the ETS Pandemic many people from all walks of life found their lives impacted for better and for worse when the world was irreparably changed three months prior. The paths of many have now been diverted permanently, their dreams and reflections mirroring the uncertainty that lies ahead. Alone with their thoughts, they're left to reflect on the events leading up to the present, and their plans for the future.

This is a short collection of tangentially related one shots all set in southern California, near LA, while also introducing characters who's stories I'd like to expand upon eventually.

A very special thanks to both ASGeek2012 and Halira for writing the main stories that inspired this one, and offering some valuable explanations and insights into the timeline so far.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 22 )

An interesting start to say the least. I hope to see where this story goes.

True. For a first story it kinda got in a good start

Chapter 2 was meant to be published but I pulled it to retool an introduction to fit a little better. As it stands right now it’s sitting at around 3,000 words. In hindsight I would have had that one act as the first chapter but I’ve been getting over a bad cold and haven’t really had enough time to retool it as much as I wanted to. Chapter 2 should be live later tonight.

Just curious, have you gotten AsGeek2012 to approve this as canon?

Not yet, I thought about bringing it up but I might wait until I have more chapters fleshed out and polished. I've talked with them about certain aspects and worked that in, but aside from that there hasn't been any other discussion on the matter

Now that I read the first chapter, I would suggest read through Halira's stories. If your character is going to be dream walking then he is going to run into the Dreamwardens. If you need information as an author so you don't contradict another canon story then let me know. I am one of Halira's editors and she is the one that came up with the whole Dreamwarden thing, she shared all that info with me. I can put you in touch with her.

I did consider that early on, however I didn’t want to focus on that for this story. These two chapters are most likely going to be the only ones that touch upon that in this story however I do have some ideas in mind of where I’d like to go with it in a sequel, as it is established as an important part of the two characters introduced so far, and in that case I would probably include it a lot more. I wrote in a few mentions of them in early drafts but felt that it didn’t really fit as well because it was just a few passing mentions.

You mentioned powers that be in the second chapter. You might want to include a link to Haliras story in the authors notes for those that don't know about the Dreamwardens yet.

This seems to be your first story. If you want help with anything, let me know. I'm writing a story in the Pandemic setting as well. AsGeek already told me it fits for canon. It isn't published yet though. Won't be until I'm finished writing it most likely. I do editing, proofreading, advice, you name it. I've been writing stories for 25 years now.

That's a very good point, I completely forgot all about that. Thanks for the reminder

Thanks, The writing process between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (and beyond) has been entirely different, and I feel that it works out a lot better for me. I'll probably have a few people pre read future chapters as they're written

Comment posted by Cosmic Eclipse deleted January 5th

Made a slight alteration to this chapter to better line up with the continuation’s narrative. It’s nothing huge, just a minor location change that isn’t brought up until towards the end of the chapter.

Hadn't been aware this had already been publishing chapters. Will sit down and read later.

Thanks! Just a small heads up however, The stuff I’ve been PMing you about is more related to an upcoming project that’s directly related to this one. I wanted to start with something small to find my direction, and I’ve reached a point with this one where I feel like I’ve found a good direction to go with for an actual narrative. These chapters may be a little rough, especially compared to the early ones I’ve drafted up in my planning doc (There’s about 4 fully blocked out, and 2 that are close to being final). I’m positive that I’ll be going back and doing some more editing and polishing as I write more of the actual story out.

This is a pretty good start, and so far nothing seems out of canon, so I'll move it to the canon folder shortly.

Perfect. I’m not quite happy with a few things in it compared to the newer stuff I’ve written so I’ll be going in and doing some rewrites and general polishing to address that soon. Nothing should change any of what’s already been established too severely, just expanding on what’s already been written and making stuff a little less expository. Thanks!

New cover art! It'll tie in with Departures' cover art.

With a deep breath he opened his eyes, the creature now mere inches from his face, as it prepared to lunge Stanley defiantly yelled out, “YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME HERE!”

I couldn’t help it!

That gets a well deserved like for Labyrinth!

Thank you very much! These three have definitely been an interesting learning experience and I've been working what I learned with each into my current and future projects.

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