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IN MOUNTAINS FAR, FAR AWAY, a very long time ago, a young unicorn slept in a dragon’s cave and dreamed.

A fairytale of old Equestria.

Editor: BlueBook
Proof/Pre-readers: Meridian Prime, Olden Bronie

Featured on Equestria Daily 6th Feb 2019

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

This a wonderful tale, beautifully told, with a lesson we should all hold dear and share willingly.
I wish, with all my being, that one day the dream will come true.

Thank you!

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for letting me contribute. I'm honored to have been of assistance.

Very sweet. I see the site updates are being put to use with the inclusion of those runes.

I can just hear Roy Orbison playing as I read this. Very nice. Very good story.

By the way, the character Zme wouldn't happen to be named after the Slavic dragon god of magic, would he?


Zme wouldn't happen to be named after the Slavic dragon

:pinkiehappy: But he doesn’t speak Slavic, not here at least. And while “In Dreams” is a lovely song, it’s not the one that inspired the story.
Thanks for reading and commenting. :twilightsmile:

I thought this was lovely on first reading, but it's taken on a truly special quality now. Absolutely brilliant work GrayMane. I'm glad I could help with it!

Thank you very much for spending your time on it.
Still waiting on the runic translation.

Well, unless I'm much mistaken it translates to "Mae cysgu aur yn llenwi’ch llygaid", which is something like "golden sleep fills your eyes", which sounded a little familiar...

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