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I'm just a part time writer who enjoys a good story, and wants give those good stories his own patented equestrian twist


In a world where superpowers exist, it's only natural that some selfish people take advantage of the supremacy they have over the general populace. This is why the world needs superheroes, people with powers who are willing to fight for the safety of the people who can't protect themselves. But like anybody else, superheroes can also grow old and over time can't perform the same feats that once were able to.

There comes a time in every superhero's life when they must hang up the cape and let a new generation of crime fighters take up their mantle, and for the Pillars of Justice, the world's most beloved and celebrated superhero team, that time has come. It is up to them now to train a new age of supers to fight the battles the normal world never could, and hopefully find within their recruits the potential necessary to forge a worthwhile successor.

This is their story... the story of their students... the origin of The Supports.

(A collaboration story with fellow writers Foxhelm, Minaren, Scholarly-Cimmerian and The Dark Nightmare)

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This was a good start. I definitely am looking forward to seeing what will come in future installments. :twilightsmile:

I'm going to read this, but I wrote a world where superheroes.....are genocidal beings bent on destroying humanity, but leaving enough for them to repopulate.

Also, I have two rather odd superheroes you could potentially use.

If you'd like, I'll PM you with details.

Wait Zephyr is going to in reference to Plastic Man?! You do realize how OP he is, right?

Eel o'Brien actually, a slippery guy who has the uncanny talent of being able to slide out of bad situations. Zephyr has no powers nor will he get any throughout this story, he's just really good at running away.

Hmmmmmm, it's obvious that he worked Hard for this...have a like

And an encouragement: Great story!

Not sure how I feel about making Mr. Rich a full on villain or Zephry a desperate lacky, but an interesting start. Consider me following this.

Happy to help.
That being said, still surprised with some of the twists and turns.

I wonder if Starlight and Trixie will show up

Not bad. I hope Luna took note of the fight between Sunset and Twilight and has them under observation as roommates becuase this could go bad.

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