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This is the story is based on the events in the episode "Heart's Warming Eve."

Rainbow Dash was late for her role in the Heart's Warming Eve Pagent in Canterlot. Yet as the pegasus tries to fly there she was caught in a blizzard and gets thrown way off course. When Rainbow Dash finds herself crashing into a world where Santa exists and finds out she accidentally crashed into Santa's sleigh. To get back home she has to help drive the sleigh apart of Santa's team. However, to do that she will be turned into a Reindeer herself!

Chapters (4)
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AWWWW!!!!! Adorable Rainbow Dash as the new Rudolph the red now reindeer.

the elf shouted, “hey how did

The "h" needs to be capitalized. It's a good idea, and would explain how Santa always gets into my house and leaves before I can catch him for trespassing. The old man keeps eating those cookies and milk I save up for Christmas day.

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