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It's the holiday season, one just like any other, or so you think. As you wind down on Christmas Eve, you reminisce on years gone by. Everyone has something they've always wanted, but could never get. This, my friends, is one such story.

I wanted to write this as a thank you to all of my wonderful followers and the community at large. Have a happy and safe holiday season. Please feel free to choose whichever chapter you find fitting. I wrote this story for everyone, and I dearly hope you enjoy it.

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Very festive and sweet nice work

Oh man usually I hate sad stories, but this seems just so right. They make me uncomfortable and uneasy. I am not one of those people who write long comments, I wish I were. Happy Heartswarming Leech!

Well, I was aiming for a bittersweet vibe. Like, on one hand, it can be considered a bit sad. On the other, it can be a bit inspirational. Still, glad you enjoyed it!

That was just beautiful. Simply bittersweet and beautiful. A short story that really plays with your emotions if you let yourself get carried away by the thoughts of someone, or something residing there close to you, in your dreams, in your own mind and soul.
A part that has grown within you. Something that is there in your most desperate times, making you smile and endure through those bad moments. Something that cherishes you, no matter what.
You can never grasp it, but it will always be there, much like a shadow.
Never leaving you, yet untouchable, incomprehensible.
Happy Hearthswarming/Merry Christmas, Leech!

Same to you buddy! Glad you enjoyed it!!! :twilightsmile:

This story honestly gives me, personally, a sense of assurance in my life. That feeling of being so alone, how you just want someone to give their heart to you, as you gave yours as well. I am plagued by that lonelieness, and yet here you are, with this story, giving me a reminder to cling on to hope, especially now where Christmas isn't the same now. But thanks to you, it feels a lot less colder :twilightsmile:

Thank you and Merry Christmas Leech!

Same to you, buddy!
I hope you have a great Christmas!!! :scootangel:

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