• Published 17th Dec 2018
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Felt - Stunzer

The last day in the life of a aging bat pony.

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She was playing with her best friend, trying to catch each other in a two player version of tag, their young giggles filling the air around them. She kept trying to chase the Blue Pegasus but he kept out running and out flying her, the giggles and shouts of laughter started to fade away until they where gone.

Eclipse Haze awoke, Her dream now faded from her Brain as the sunlight worked its way past the curtains and into her room. A new day and another day without him. Ever since he passed away she had a cloud of sorrow hanging over her head, her special Somepony... her Felt. She still remembered his strong figure when he was younger and his handsome features and his sweet and caring personality. What more could she ask for in a Stallion?.

She stayed in her bed for a little while just looking up at the ceiling, a ceiling that he had plastered. Plaster that still held strong even today. He always was a one for making stuff last when he did them... she just kept thinking about how perfect he was and how cruelly he was snatched away from her, why him? he didn't deserve to slowly pass away from the.... cancer. A small tear rolled down her cheek as she remembered his last days, hooked up to beeping machines and the drip and the pumps to help him breathe. And when she was by his side as he passed into the great herd. At least he was happy there.

She stopped wallowing in her sorrow to get herself out of the bed that they used to share, and with her old joints creaking she got down out of the bed and onto the floor and took her glasses off the old beside table. She let out a sneeze from the dust it sent into her face and slowly hobbled to the Kitchen, she looked around it with her usual sad face on and went over to the bread and got out 2 slices and then got out some daisy's. She made herself a daisy sandwich and quickly ate it, before she went into her living room and over to her chair, and like she did on most days got into it and looked blankly at his chair. She then started to quietly ramble on to the chair about how she was feeling and how she missed him and she couldn't wait to see him again, and as usual there was no reply... just silence.

She let out a sad sigh and reached over to the record player and put on the same record she had been playing every day for 14 years, his special record the one he loved, and the one she also loved. She let her face form into one of her rare sad looking smiles as she hummed along to the tune. She sat there for a couple of hours just letting the music become her little world in that dark dusty living room. But soon enough it was over, just like every other day she continued sitting there and reached down to a little basket where she kept her photo albums. Mostly filled with pictures of Felt and their little foal before she passed. A small tear escaped her eye and landed on the corner of the album, as she muttered to herself in her old corse voice "We'll see each other soon".

She went to the page with her favorite photo, a Picture of Felt when he was in the guard for a short while. He was staring into the camera, trying to put on a "tough" look but failing horribly. He was just too kind hearted to make his face look anywhere near tough. But still... she remembered when he had gone off the guard academy and how much she missed him and his voice, his features and his smell. At least she got him back after that, she turned the page again to... their little filly. Poor thing was always weak, nopony quite knew why and nopony could come up with a solution, she just ended up passing in her sleep. She still remembered how heart broken Felt was as he cradled her little lifeless body.

She felt a tinge of guilt in thinking if she could of done something, anything to maybe have her foal live... maybe it really was not her fault but she still had to think what if, what if little Arcane was here today. "What's done is done i suppose.." she muttered out.

She slowly got out of her chair and went to the door and put her bonnet on and picked up the flowers she had. After a 10 minute walk she arrived at the graveyard, she went her normal route to Felt's and Arcane's grave's. She laid down a large bunch of flowers for Felt, they where Fox Gloves... the one's he loved the most, and for little Arcane she put down 2 pink roses.

She stayed at the graves until the day started to draw to a close. She made her way back to her little house and opened the door while taking her hat off and hanging it on the hat stand... another thing he made. She slowly walked to the Kitchen once again and made her dinner; 2 Daisy sandwiches. Not much point in making anything else seeing as she didn't have the money to buy much else.

After her lunch she went to her living room once again and played the track he loved so much one more time before she headed off to bed. She hummed along to it as always but sooner than she wanted it was over, and she was walking to her bedroom taking off her glasses on the way.

She put her glasses on the bedside table as she always did and crawled into bed, putting out the candle by the bed and resting her head against the soft pillows. She soon slipped into a calm tranquil sleep. She soon started to feel light and young, was this it? she could see her beloved Felt again? for the first time in years as she started to go off to the great herd she smiled, a real smile a huge beam across her face as she joined her ancestors. And she quickly saw him with open hoofs and little Arcane by his side both of them waiting for her, She was home and happy once more.

The end.

Author's Note:

Well that was my first story i have pretty much ever written anywhere. Please point out any mistakes as i want to improve anything i can. And thanks for reading!

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Comments ( 1 )

Very quick, with some capitalization problems here and there. An easy read, but didn't get the emotion going like I think you wanted. Needed a bit more space to build that up. Overall, not bad for a first try, keep it up.

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