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"Extract some simple pleasure from a task well done, my search for truth is finished at last. I'm going home." -Zima Blue


"A must have bookshelf stuffer! They're a great gift to pass on to my kids because I've grown up with so many of these stories myself." --A.K. Yearling

"Winter season can be a challenge for designers. I just want a book I can experience with a cup of hot chocolate, and this is it. All my favourites are beautifully compiled in this book. Plus, there are some stories I've never even heard of before! --Coco Pommel

Historia Writ's works have always been in the Manehattan Times' "Top 100 Best Sellers" for a reason. This is just another wonderfully written season piece you can enjoy with your family. -- The Canterlot Chronicle

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Uh, excuse me? I don't understand what you mean.

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