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If writer's block was a human, it would be me.


She was a goddess, Princess of the Night and co-ruler of a mighty nation.

She was a sister, beloved by the Sun who now weeps at her passing.

She was tortured, whether by herself or by others.

Most importantly she was broken, and it would be a thousand years before she could pick up the pieces.


Luna, as she tries to cope with her deluded mind and violently conflicting emotions, shortly after her attempted coup.

This was more of a writing experiment than anything. I wanted to see if I could capture confusion and clashing emotions. With any luck I've delivered an okay little read to those who come across it.


[This cover art belongs to an artist by the name of "Dreampaw", I take no credit for it.]

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 16 )

MMmmm, an nice point of view, I like the sort of two people yet only 1 thing going on.

Interesting! Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

Oh, thanks guys.

I love it, well written and interesting.

Very well done, thank you for sharing!

1037928 Thanks for the favorite, and compliment.

3353410 And what am I to take that shocked face to mean?

Have a follow, fave, like, and whatever else I can give. Thank you for sharing your talents. This was beautifully written.

3353441 Why thank you good sir, I must say this is rather unexpected.

Nice little poetic piece here. I haven't seen a story go into both the sister's minds. Well done.

Very lovely little fic you got here. Wish I wrote in 1st person POV myself, good authors can do such great stuff with characters' inner monologue in 1st person. Very surprised given how well written this is that this is the only story you've put out. Would certainly like to see more from you. Given how polished it is, I thought I'd just point out a mere handful of little errors you could fix below. They didn't bother me or anything, just thought with as much care that you clearly gave this fic that you'd like to polish it as much as possible. Thank you for the pleasant read, it was very enjoyable. Have a nice evening! :twilightsmile:

Too late did I realize that I spoke allowed.

The word you're looking for is 'aloud'.

They lay scattered around the tower, cast aside by myself when I lost the will stand.

You'll want to place a 'to' in between 'will' and 'stand'.

Oh, both sentences are in the second chapter.

6079657 Thank you kindly for pointing those out. I feel a little silly for missing those mistakes before.

EDIT: I've also got plenty of others in progress, but I have terrible writer's block which makes it difficult for me to make the kind of lengthy stories I'd prefer.

No worries, happens to the best of us. :twilightsmile:

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