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Book 1 of The Daring Don't Saga

Daring Do once again pops into Rainbow Dash's life with the offer of an adventure to find a mysterious artifact. However, the dreaded Ahuizotl has already gotten his dirty paws on the artifact with the intent of wreaking his revenge on not only Daring Do but Rainbow Dash! Once his villainous plot is revealed, Daring Do teams up with Rainbow Dash and her friends to put a stop to his plan and once again save Equestria.

But that's not all. This adventure is one of secrets. Secrets that will change Daring Do and Rainbow Dash's lives and bind their destinies together forever.

Welcome to The Daring Don't Saga!

This story is set after the Season 8 finale. It will also contain elements from the My Little Pony and Daring Do Chapter books, but familiarity with either shouldn't be necessary.

Cover art by the incomparable InkRose98.

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This story's quite good so far, though it appears to be very inactive currently.

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