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Show canon only matters if you let it.


Someone was not happy with how the Tree of Harmony handled the Mean 6, and in particular one. Now as Chrysalis flees from the scene, she decides to do something about it.


When given a new chance to live her own life as her own pony by a mysterious being, what will the reborn Mean Twilight do now that she longer has to fear for her own life?

And what happens when Princess Twilight begins to investigate what exactly happened at the Tree of Harmony?

And what happens when the two of them finally meet?

Edit: Made it to popular stories. Woop!

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I will be watching.

Interesting concept, I hope Mean Twilight wins.


Evil Twilight without discord. More!

What would she win though? She can't use the Elements of Harmony and if they are used on her... She doesn't know what they'd do to her. Right now she has only one goal: Living.

Rest will drop into place eventually.

who is he or she

um i need some help here ........
dont know what happend

She is a name the omniscent being who rules this entire mulitverse uses whenever she decides to enter a universe. One of many names I might add.

She is a one off character for this story, so that's all you really need to know.

I like the idea of bringing back the Mean 6. They were so short lived, and Twilight especially was worth exploring more in depth. She actually had a strong will of her own and felt different enough from real Twilight to seem like her own character, and not just a "Twilight but opposite" type like others felt.

This reminds me of a Pinkie Clone story which was very good.

Which one? There's a few out there.

The story is called "Her Own Pony" which was great.

I think I have read that one?

Here is something I recommend for you to read: Sweetie Bot, A hearthswarming tale. I cried at some point there. Dadonequus, A clean slate and a crossover Siberian Cyclone

Can I please get links to all of those stories?

Alaborn for Clean Slate

Grimweird for Sweetie Bot, A Hearts warming tale

Onomatopoeia for Siberian Cyclone

CrazedLaughter for Dadonequus.

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this.:ajsmug:

Evil Twi can cry... interesting.

There's a reason for that. It's a long process to come though for where it's going.

Despite everything, she is still a Twilight. The idea of having no friends isn't appealing to her at all, she even focused on the importance of friendship in the episode itself.

Partly. Of course it won't be exactly like it, but close.

She was using ten percent of her power? Shaggy would be proud

One tenth of one percent of her power. In other words she was using 0.1% of her power.

Her smile grew. "She gave another chance at life to one who, in the end, deserved it more than her companions did. I even know where she's gone too."

Twilight leaned forward. "You do? Where? Who is she?"

The figure smirked. "Where's the fun in that? You'll never have fun if I tell you everything."

Twilight couldn't help but giggle, the tension flowing out of her. "Oh my gosh. You're as bad as Princess Celestia."

Celestia must've influenced the tree somehow.

Adding salt to it, Cosmos let them feel that too.

Shaggy is overrated.

Also if Cosmos had actually 10% of her power, then the universe would've ended right then and there. Reality can't survive that kind of power.

Aspects like this one have a limit of how much they use. The more they use, the higher the risk of destroying all of reality goes.

I was thinking more Pinkie Pie actually. But yeah. Every pony who's ever beared an Element has influenced the Tree in someway. Why else would it use Twilight's look as a projection?

Really have to wonder what else was on Cosmos’s agenda.

Whatever she wanted that's what. Her agenda at any moment isn't meant to be understood by any but herself, and she answers to no one.

So trying to get an answer out of her is pointless.

You know that it'd be interesting if Twilight and Cosmos met.

It’s a trick. Get an axe.

Well.... THAT was an interesting conversation at least it wasn't a boring one that ended with a comm system being destroyed.

So the tree is an ass... typical

Not sure how you got that. The tree just tried to save Twilight from an experience that 99% of those who do it don't survive with their sanity intact. Or at all.

Luckily Cosmos was in a good enough mood to just give her a taste of what reality really is compared to that.

So I think you didn't read this right.

*after reading the A/N* So....... would it be Trollmos?

That would be too easy. Trolling is getting sick pleasure out of doing it. Cosmos doesn't. It's just this avatar is using her "I just don't give a buck" mood.

If she wanted to troll Equestria, then she wouldn't bother hiding herself. Or even showing Twilight what she did.

Oh............So it's more of a I'm messing with you just because I feel like sort of thing?

Okay gotcha.... well at least she has nickname for when she's in a trolling mood.

I can bet and win by Celestia's entire Cake expenses over the past 2000 years that Mean Twilight would get blasted by a rainbow death ray.

Yep, judgmental horses.

Sadly this is canon.

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