• Published 13th Dec 2018
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Another Chance At Life - morion87

Given another chance at life, what will Mean Twilight do with it?

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Twilight Meets Cosmos

Once again, Twilight found herself drawn back down to the Tree of Harmony below the School of Friendship's library. Unlike before though, this was on her own volition.

Like before, the tree appeared to be fine for the moment. While she was glad that nothing seemed wrong for now, something else was on her mind at the moment.

"We need to talk. Today would be nice," she said aloud and waited. She hoped this wasn't a waste of time. She had enough going on at the moment.

The tree began to glow a moment later. When it faded, Twilight found herself face to face with herself. This time though, the projection's expression was solemn, as if she guessed why Twilight was there.

"I was wondering when you would come and ask for me Twilight. And I have some idea of what you wish to ask me," she said with a faint smile.

Twilight didn't see the need to beat around the bush, so she asked what was on her mind. "Why are you here? Why did you move from the Everfree Forest? Is there something coming?"

The projection smirked. "I moved myself to the safest place in Equestria. The Tree of Harmony, beneath a School of Friendship. Do I really need to explain it to you?"

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Point taken. But why now though? The school has been in use for some time now. Does it have something to do with what happened a few months ago?

The projection nodded. "Indeed. The era you know is ending. I must change with it." She shook her head. "I cannot say more than that for the future is in flux and only one knows where it ends."

"Then where is she?" Twilight asked. "I want to talk to her. Maybe she can fill in the blanks. I'm getting tired of not knowing what is going on."

The projection paled considerably, turning a bright shade of white. "You do not know what you ask Twilight. Many have tried to talk to her. None ever came out the same afterward."

She bowed her head. "If you invoke her, there is every chance that you will not come back from it."

Twilight snorted. "I've dealt with Discord more times than I care to count. I think I can handle whatever this, she, is just fine. Where is she? I'm done waiting."

Before the projection could answer though, someone else beat her to it.

"Many more have said the same thing to me. I usually send them away after a talking too about manners. Or they never leave at all. Your choice on what happens to you Twilight Sparkle."

Twilight's heart skipped a beat. There was an unmistakable tone of authority in that voice. Along with a sense of power that she had never heard before, not even from Princess Celestia.

Turning around to face the source, she came face to face with-

"Oh come on! What is it about looking like me that seems to be a fad now?" She exclaimed in an annoyed tone.

The earth pony in front of her smirked. "I happen to like this look. No one tells me what I can and can't look like. I was a unicorn the last time I was here."

Twilight's brow rose. "And what is that supposed to mean? Who are you?"

The mare smiled. "I have as many names as there are universes in the multiverse. My true name is not one a mortal can speak. Call me Cosmos if you need a name."

Twilight didn't like this, Cosmos. Not at all. Everything about her screamed deadly, even though she didn't make any threatening gestures or look evil. "Then why are you here? What did you do?"

Cosmos's smile dropped. "My reasons for being here are my own. As for what I did? I simply gave another chance at life to one who deserved it. I also set another on a better track for life."

Twilight growled. This was going nowhere. "That doesn't make any sense. Why don't you tell me what's really going on?"

Quick as lightning, Cosmos was in Twilight's face. She didn't even have time to blink before she was nose to nose with the strange mare.

"Your impudence will get you killed one day if you keep this up," she said in a soft tone. "You do not want me as your enemy. I'll let you off with this warning."

With that. she raised a hoof and touched it to Twilight's head.

With a strangled cry of fear, Twilight backed away as fast as she could, until she hit the far wall of the cavern. In her eyes was a fear that went beyond anything all the villains she had ever faced, combined, had ever engendered.

"What. What are you?" she finally managed to say, unable to hide the quiver in her voice.

Cosmos stood to her full height. "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last. The beginning and the end. I was there before time began, and I will be there when time itself is unmade."

For a moment, the cavern grew darker, as if the light itself was being swallowed by a darkness blacker than the most moonless night in Equestria. Blacker than the voids between galaxies.

The next second it was gone, and Twilight could breathe easier again. But the fear was still there.

Cosmos smiled again. But it was gentler this time. "But I'm not here for that. I could explain it to you Twilight Sparkle what is going on. But I think it would be better for you to find out on your own."

Not trusting her voice for the moment Twilight just nodded. "And what about you?" She asked after a time.

Cosmos just smirked as she turned and walked away. "Me? I'll be around. I want to see what this universe ends up doing after what I've done. You will see me again Twilight."

With that, Cosmos began to fade away into nothingness. In a moment, she was gone completely, leaving no indication that she had ever been there in the first place.

Leaving Twilight and the Tree of Harmony wondering when and where she would pop up again.

And Twilight began to think of how she was going to explain this to Celestia, Luna, and Cadance.

Author's Note:

Okay. So this chapter wasn't in the original plan for this story. But someone did bring up the idea of Twilight and Cosmos meeting each other.

That lead to this. Cosmos will pop up again randomly throughout the story. Never in the same form. And never again like Twilight. At least in public.

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