• Published 13th Dec 2018
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Another Chance At Life - morion87

Given another chance at life, what will Mean Twilight do with it?

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Tree Talks part 2

For the life of her, Twilight couldn't understand why she had come back. Especially considering what had happened she stood in front of the Tree of Harmony, though since her rebirth she had tried not to think about it.

Yet here she stood, in front of the Tree. Unlike last time, however, she had no intention of going after the Elements of Harmony or the Tree itself. Just being this close wasn't pleasant. It didn't hurt, but that didn't change it.

One thing she did notice was that the logs that used to be companions had were gone. Either dissolved away or something else she didn't know or care. And a part of her was saddened by that. Why? They had never gotten along in the short time they'd had together.

"Why do I care about them?" She whispered. "I never liked them. I'm better off without them. So why does it hurt?"

"Because a part of you did care about them, no matter what else you thought of them," a new voice said as the Tree began to glow.

Twilight stepped back, igniting her horn. She wasn't going down without a fight this time and she wouldn't be caught unaware again. After a moment the glow faded and a new figure stood smiling before her. One who made her brows rise in shock.

"You're the Tree of Harmony," she finally said.

Her companion, who looked exactly like her, nodded. "I am. You have nothing to fear from me. I mean you no harm."

Twilight snorted. "Forgive me if I don't believe you. Last time I was here, you tried to kill me. You did kill me. I'm still not happy about that."

The Tree sighed. "And I regret that now. I cannot change what I did. You didn't deserve that." Her smile returned a moment later. "Yet I feel there is more to you be hearing here than that."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Twilight asked.

The projection's smile faded again. "You've been in hiding since your rebirth. You could go anywhere, yet you stay here. Why?"

Twilight snorted. "Where else can I go? What do you think will happen when Equestria finds out about me? I'm an abomination of magic no matter what else I am."

The projection frowned. "Do you think so little of Twilight and her friends that you would not trust them to give the benefit of the doubt?" She asked.

Twilight's breath hitched as tears gathered but were quickly wiped away, but the Tree saw them. "All they would have is my word that I'm not what I used to be. Hardly enough to trust me."

Twilight ignited her horn as she prepared to teleport away. "No. I will always be alone. Maybe it's for the better as well that I am."

With that, she teleported away, leaving the projection alone. She smiled after a moment, for she had seen Twilight's tears falling at the end.

"You are not alone. One day, you will see that as well," she whispered as her image faded again into the tree.

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