• Published 13th Dec 2018
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Another Chance At Life - morion87

Given another chance at life, what will Mean Twilight do with it?

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A Cozy Talk

As the final bell for the day rang, Twilight sighed. Normally she looked forward to a little peace and quiet once the School of Friendship ended for the day. Today though was an exception.

All of her classes had gone without a hitch and none of her friends had reported anything off. Even Starlight hadn't reported anything.

Twilight though was uneasy, and it had to do with one student in particular. Her mind kept gong back to the conversation she'd had with the Tree of Harmony. It was time to find out what she had meant.

A knock at the door brought a small smile to her face as she looked at the clock. Right on time. "Come in," she called.

Cozy Glow poked her head in hesitantly. "You wanted to see me Professor Sparkle?"

Twilight nodded as she gestured to a chair in front of her desk. "I do. Have a seat Cozy."

Slowly the filly entered the room. Her eyes kept darting all around, as if she were afraid of something would jump out of the shadows at her. Twilight saw it as well but didn't comment as Cozy sat down. She could see now something had changed about her.

"Am I trouble?" Cozy asked. "Golly, I don't think I've done anything."

Twilight smiled. "You're not in trouble. Far from it in fact. Your teachers and classmates have said you've been extra nice lately."

Cozy squinted at her. "And is that a bad thing?"

Twilight giggled. "Hardly. This is a Friendship School after all." Her smile dropped. "But they've also said you're skkitish now, jumping at shadows and things that aren't there."

Cozy gulp. Twilight saw it and now knew for sure something was going on. "Normally I'd let Starlight help you, but I feel that I need to be the one."

Cozy pulled herself close and Twilight's worry increased. "Cozy, what happened the day you vanished? What are you afraid of?"

And Cozy Glow remembered, no matter how much she tried to forget.


Cozy tried to fight the magic holding her, but the mare's grip was as hard as steel. Whoever she was, she wasn't Twilight Sparkle, no matter what she looked like.

The Twilight she knew wouldn't have shown her what she had, no matter how mad she might be. None of her friends would.

Cosmos smiled as she poured more of her magic into Cozy Glow. It didn't matter what the filly did once she was done with her. That Equestria was safer now.

"Fight it all you want Cozy, it does not matter," she said, floating the filly closer, "I am sending you back to Equestria. Do not make me regret it."

Cozy frowned at her. "What did I do?" She asked.

Cosmos shook her head. "It's what you will do that I'm stopping. You think friendship is power? Power is power. If you truly want it, then earn it. You will fail otherwise."

She frowned, and Cozy gulped. "My mercy is limited. I am giviving you another chance. Make me regret it and my wrath will make the Elements of Harmony seem tame by comparison."


Cozy shook her head at the memories. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Twilight's brow rose. "Is someone forcing you not to talk about it?"

Cozy shook her head and Twilight sighed. Maybe this was something Starlight could help with. Whatever it was, Twilight didn't like it at all.

Author's Note:

Time to tie up a loose end. What Cosmos showed Cozy has derailed the rest of season 8, and beyond for that matter, for the character.

In the short term, that means the Tree of Harmony has cut the Young Six out of the equation entirely. When they do find it, it won't react to them at all.

What this all means for seaon 9, I'm not sure of yet.

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