• Published 13th Dec 2018
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Another Chance At Life - morion87

Given another chance at life, what will Mean Twilight do with it?

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More Questions Than Answers

Princess Twilight wasn't sure why she had been asked to check up on the Tree of Harmony, but it must have been important enough for Princess Celestia to have asked to come back out here. Why she couldn't have done it earlier while she and her friends were here were pushed aside for the moment as came to the Tree's grotto. She was here now. It wouldn't do her any good to ask why at the moment.

Looking around, she found the Tree much as it had looked the last time she had been here. Her confusion grew as she looked all over the small chamber. Nothing seemed out of place. The Elements of Harmony were where they belonged and there was no sign of anyone being here recently.

Yet, there was a faint smell of something as she sniffed the air. Ozone, like that, left behind after somepony teleported. Her brows creasing Twilight ignited her horn and cast around the cave. After a moment she found what she had been looking for.

Someone had been here, recently too. Several in fact. Who they were she couldn't tell but there was one thing for sure. Powerful offensive magic had been thrown around by two of them, but who won wasn't clear as both seemed to cut off at the same time.

Twilight felt something else though. Another had entered the cave not long after the first two had ended and had cast a spell that, to her shock, she couldn't make sense of.

In fact, if she was being honest, this kind of magic didn't exist at all in Equestria. That raised even more questions though as she probed deeper seeing if she could follow the magic trail left behind.

She didn't go far though as she felt something else, something that shocked her as her rump hit the ground and her eyes grew large. "That. That doesn't make sense. Nothing can be that powerful."

It was true. If Twilight was being honest with herself, this was like Tirek at his strongest, but that was also like comparing an anthill to a mountain.

And Tirek was the anthill.

And this was only barely skimming the surface of what there was. She didn't dare push deeper less she draw the attention of the one who wielded it. If this was just an echo of their power, then she feared what they would be like right in front of her.

Even then though Twilight felt there had been no malice in that casting. More like whoever had done it hadn't cared at all what came after they had. But that didn't make any sense as she turned and trotted out of the grotto with more questions than answers.

Just what had happened here?


In hindsight, expecting a thousand-year plus abandoned ruin to still have any food was a long shot. But to Twilight, it did give her something she needed: A place to stay and a roof over her head.

Well, most of a roof anyway, and with some of the improvements Princess Twilight and her friends had made to the place, for some strange reason that eluded her for the moment, it was as good as she could get for the moment.

At the moment she was in what had once been the Castle Library. While many of the books had been taken back to Ponyville by the resident princess, many were still here, enough to keep her occupied for a time she thought as she flipped a page on her current read. Some old text on magic, now woefully out of date she snorted as she read. It had been for several centuries now.

But it kept her mind occupied from its other thoughts. Namely, what she did now. The plan to steal the Elements of Harmony was no longer an option. Not after what they had done to her and the others. There was also no guarantee she could wield them all as it was.

But there was another, more sobering reason to avoid them at all costs. She had no idea of what they might do to her now.

Though that strange mare had seemingly made her as much a real pony as any in Equestria, the fact remained she had been born from dark magic. And the Elements were not known to be kind to those with it or born from it. Nightmare Moon being a perfect example.

Which led into her next problem, and what scared her the most no matter how much she denied it. What would happen when she and Princess Twilight finally met? As much as she wished it, she knew that the two of them would one day meet.

What would she and her friends do then? She had nothing but her own word that she was her own mare now and not some slave or drone of Chrysalis out to get them.

She would more than likely be seen as an abomination of magic, one that had no right to exist and they would most likely 'Harmonise'' her as they had others, and that would be the end of her. If not that, then the princess would undo the magic that had birthed her and return her to the objects she had once been.

Of course, there was always the slim chance that they would let her live, maybe even try and make friends with her. But that was so slim Twilight couldn't even halfheartedly believe it herself.

No, she was on her own now, and there was no way around it. She was alone, and she always would be. That was fine by her, she thought, she turned another page and continued to read. She didn't need anyone else.

Ignoring the tears that had gathered at that moment.


Princess Celestia kept a careful mask up, but all who knew her could see she was concerned by all she had just heard. "You are sure?"

Princess Twilight nodded. "Positive. Something big did happen at the Tree of Harmony. I'm not sure what exactly, but a lot of magic was being thrown around."

"And what of the third?" Celestia asked.

Twilight gulped. "If I'm being honest princess. I've never felt anything like that before. Whatever magic they used, it doesn't exist on Equus at all." She paused a moment as she shook her head. "No, more than that. By all the Laws of Magic, it shouldn't be possible for it to exist at all, and all I felt was the echo left behind."

Celestia sighed. "That is what I was afraid of. But what of the other two?"

Twilight shrugged. "I'm not sure. Only two left the cave. The other just, vanished into thin air."

Celestia was troubled by this. As she saw it, something new had been thrown into the mix by this mysterious third party and it concerned her deeply. Not only that, but they were wielding magic that was unknown to them and defied all the laws ponies had known for as long as they had used magic. The question then became, why did they do what they had done? And why leave so suddenly?

There was something going on here, and Celestia didn't like it one bit. There was still too much about this they didn't know.

Twilight herself didn't like it either, but there was more that she wasn't telling Princess Celestia. She had recognized one of the magic signatures that had left the cave. But that couldn't be right, could it?

It was her own, but angrier, darker, and more violent than she had ever been. Underneath all that though had been something that had shocked her.

But for the moment she kept it to herself. No point in saying more until she had more to work with.

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