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Another Chance At Life - morion87

Given another chance at life, what will Mean Twilight do with it?

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Cosmos watched as Chrysalis fled the grotto that held the Tree of Harmony with a smirk. She wasn't surprised in the least it had turned out like this in the end. What did the former queen think would happen? If she honestly thought this piss brained scheme of hers would work, then she was a bigger fool than Cosmos had taken her for.

It might have had a better chance though if the clone Twilight Sparkle had not turned out to be as smart as the original was, and the native Mane Seven hadn't been as stupid as a box of rocks this whole time.

Wait, scratch that. That was an insult to rocks to lump them together. There was no way to sum it up then.

But that was beside the point though. Cosmos had come here because this was the first chance she had to something about this whole mess, or at least for one that is. What she did after that was up to her.

Making sure the ex queen was fully out of sight, Cosmos teleported down to the grotto. Inside she found what she had expected to see. The Tree was silent now, its defenses quite, but it was what was on the floor before it that held her attention.

Six colored logs sat where they had fallen. Walking up to them, she gave them a look of pity mixed with scorn. "Such a waste. You six had the chance to do something for yourselves, and yet you wasted it arguing with each other." She said as she ignited her horn.

As she had expected, there was still life in each of them. Not much, but enough for what she had in mind. Right now the Tree of Harmony was holding them like this through its own magic. One easily cut through

Or at least for one that is as Cosmos turned her attention to the purple log that was closest to her. Charging her horn, she fired a beam of her own power at the center of the log, stepped back and waited.

For a moment the log glowed brightly before the light faded, showing nothing had changed. But she knew better as she only watched what was to come as without warning the log dissolved into a puddle of purple goo. Nothing happened for a few moments after that.

Cosmos rolled her eyes. "If you're as smart as you think you are, then you should be able to pull yourself back together."

That seemed to trigger something because even as the last word left her mouth something in the puddle began to change. First came a change in color as purple became midnight blue with two-color streaks soon followed by two eyes. As that became apparent, the mass of goo swelled upwards soon forming into a vaguely equine shape. But not a perfect one as even now its skin was still more liquid than solid.

But its identity was as clear as daylight. "Well... This was unexpected." Twilight said with a devious smirk. "And promising." She then noticed the pony before her. "What are you looking at?"

Cosmos smirked as well. "You tell me. I assume you know what you are and what happened to you?"

Twilight narrowed her eyes. "Of course I know who and what I am. My 'creator' made sure to tell me all about it." She spat as she looked around the cave. "Where is that misbegotten queen? She and I aren't done yet."

"Fled, like the coward she is," Cosmos replied. "I'm sure you'll have another chance to face her."

Twilight finally took a good look at the mare before her. She seemed to be Twilight Sparkle like she was, but then she noticed something that her companion did not have wings, and then she noticed what was on her flanks, or rather, what wasn't there: She had no cutie mark. Her fur was spotless like a mark had never been there, to begin with.

Twilight looked back at her face. "Who are you? You look like me, yet clearly you are not Twilight Sparkle."

Cosmos's smile grew. "Me? I'm just a passing through equine. Remember that."

Twilight's eyes narrowed. "Do you expect me to say thank you? Offer praise for bringing me back?" She snorted. "You're a fool if you do."

Cosmos turned away. "No, I don't expect you to. What you think of me is not something I care about."

"And where are you going?" Twilight asked.

Cosmos turned around. "My time in this universe is over. I've given you another chance at life. What you do with it is up to you."

Twilight lifted a partially formed hoof. "And how am I supposed to do that like this? I'm a talking puddle of purple goo. I can't do anything like this."

Cosmos smiled. "You're a smart mare, I'm sure you'll figure out how to get your old body back in time." She looked at the Tree. "You won't have to worry about anything from the Tree. Anything short of a full blast from the Elements of Harmony won't affect you."

She turned away once more as her horn ignited. "Call it a final gift from me to you."

Twilight closed her eyes as a bright light filled the room. When she could see again, the mysterious mare was nowhere to be found, leaving her both confused and yet excited at her future prospects.

As soon as she figured out how to give herself her old body back that is.


Princess Celestia was not one to be surprised easily nor was she one to feel something she had never felt before. Today was proving to be the exception as she and Luna held council together in the Throne Room.

"You felt it too then?" She asked her sister, who bore an expression of deep thought, though tinged with confusion. One that she bore as well.

Luna nodded. "I did. Something happened at the Tree of Harmony." She shook her head. "Whatever, or whoever it was, I have never felt that kind of power before."

Celestia nodded. "Neither have I. That short flare didn't even skim the surface of what there was."

"But how can that be?" Luna asked. "How can something be that powerful? It reminded me of Tirek at his strongest, but this was on a whole other level."

Celestia nodded. "I do not know." She sighed. "For the moment though it seems to have gone. Maybe it is better that we never know what it was."

Luna nodded as well, her mind returning to her earlier thoughts. Whatever it had been, it had not harmed the Tree of Harmony so that was some comfort. The fact that the tree had done nothing at all it seemed was odd, but there was still so much they didn't know about it.

What worried her the most though was where had that power come from, why had it come here, and where had it gone now? And if it did return, was a friend. Or a hidden foe? Luna hoped they never had to find out.


It had taken more time than she would have wanted, but Twilight had finally found a way to give herself a body again. As it turned out, once she did figure out a plan, it was rather simple. She had already given herself a form as it was, but she had been so focused on her companion that she hadn't given it more thought than that.

Once she had, however, the goo that made up most of what she was at that moment began to solidify into a proper body. It hadn't been comfortable by any stretch, but it had been worth the wait.

As she stretched all her limbs for all they were worth, Twilight had never felt this alive before and then stopped at what she had just thought. She had never felt this alive before now in her short existence. Before now she had only been power imbued into a photo, a strand of hair, and a piece of wood by Chrysalis.

Unlike her companions, she had known exactly what she was, and she had hated every minute of it. She had only gone along with them until she could've found a way to free herself. It hadn't worked out as she had expected.

But now whatever that mare had done to had changed all that. Her mind, her soul was all her own now. That shapeless puddle of goo she had returned as had been the first step back. She could've chosen any form to be after that, but she had stayed with the one she was familiar with, consciously formed as her mind came to.

But therein lay several problems. With her now being a fully sapient being, that meant she now came with all that entailed, and she was hungry. Which led to the next problem.

There was already one Twilight Sparkle in Equestria. She had no doubt the two of them would meet at some point, but she hoped that day was far in the future at the moment.

"One step at a time." She told herself. "I am not staying here that is for certain."

Casting one last glance at the logs that were her former companions, Twilight spread her wings and took flight, soon leaving the grotto behind. That was her past. Ahead lay her future.

One that she would make for herself.

Author's Note:

For those who have read my other story, yes Cosmos is the same being from Long Live The Empress. A different universe of course, but they are the same.

This was just a one-off avatar the all-encompassing being they come from used. I'm debating if she did anything else while she was here but we won't hear about for a while.

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