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"...what did I just even read." - Wintermist

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Huh. Hyper violent, darkly humorous, and self-referential.

Sure, why not?

Hypocritical how he called the guard a bastard, seeing how much of one e is himself.

Well. This is bizarre. If nothing else, I'll follow it just to see where it goes.

Sounds like Count of Monte Cristo

"I can already tell this is going to annoy many," Shining said, approaching her. "But on the bright side, not as many as if I'd been cutting Spitfire to pieces instead. We still have a while to go before that."

Oh dear, he's fourth-wall aware. This actually explains a lot.

Well. That was gruesome. Can't decide whether or not I like Shining's blasé attitude towards just about everything, but the story is still eminently readable. Looking forward to more.

Clearly, he’s just bored. He knows he has to go through the story, and he even seems to know what the story is!

Which means he also knows there’s nothing that’s going to reasonably be a challenge for him. Is it really all that heroic if you’re never actually in any kind of danger? Are you really a valiant knight is you’re going to win every fight you get into effortlessly?

I mean, maybe I’m totally wrong there, but I happen to like the theory that Shining is the way he is because he knows he’s going to win no matter what, and is hoping for something to surprise him.

Or maybe he just forgot to save for a while and is grumblingly working his way back to the boss that finally killed him...


Headcanon accepted.

Almost reminds me of Deadpool in the way it's executed, but Shining isn't cracking jokes everytime he kills someone.

I'm not sure how to feel about having similar opinions towards alcohol...

"Magic let's you do some really cool shit," said Shining's voice from behind the pegasus' neck, so close his breath was felt by the other.

"Now, you want to hear something creepy?"
"There's a skeleton inside you right now."
"Don't worry. I can get it out for you."

"Oh, right, I forgot, Wintermist doesn't read this so no FiMC references. Oops."

Heh. Also, fourth-wall awareness confirmed. That only makes Shining more unsettling. As does the dissonant big-brother cheeriness. And Shining and Twilight breaking character and discussing the sorry state of their world and themselves with all the love and warmth I'd expect between them? Truly fascinating.

This story is certainly going places. I'm not sure where, but you have me deeply intrigued. I just hope nothing too terrible happens to Twilight's friends in the near future
I know it will, but I can hope.

I’m not sure what I find more unnerving; the fact that they broke character, or that the fact that they know they broke character.

This isn’t a story. It’s a story about a show that the characters have to put on for the amusement of some nameless, faceless observer and oh god it’s us isn’t it we’re the real villains aren’t we


Add in the neat tidbit about reading minds and you get real fuckery.

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