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Rarity and Luna were taking out spikes cock and putting it in each other's vaginas while making out. Gilda and Spitfire were standing over Spike naked, Gilda love to get rim job and spitfire love pussy licking. They Were having an origin, Luna came first her cum splashing out onto Spike Rarity in part of the floor. She yelled out of pleasure and stopped kissing Rarity, his fingers were getting tired he wasn't sure if he could keep gong lucky for Spike Maud pie was coming she said”Master I’m coming I’m coming!” she cried out, as she dropped to the floor From exhaustion. Ember was next she let out a mighty Roar breeding Blue Sapphire flames and she had a powerful orgasm pushing Spike fingers out of her clit as she tumbled to the floor.

i didn't know dragons could conceive flames.

This is the most confusing and HORRIBLY written Spike Harem I read so far.
The grammar is is terrible, the spelling is bad, and the story is so badly written at such a fast pace, readers who trying to enjoy the story can't.

sorry I'm new at this I'm trying my best

Dud were did you get the picture for this

in this story Spike is still small


don't worry he gets bigger when he gets his hoard

Maybe there's someone who can help out with the spelling errors and grammar mistakes

You need help working this story

yes I do can you help

these a lot butt stuff in this besides that all in all it is a great story

Not really I have bad grammar But great punctuation

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