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I am saved occasionally by my wit.

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(also 100 hype)

Shoulda been an Apple Bloom fic. Need to have the full CMC featured with Spike

This is fine too, though.

This shit was crazy! Bravo.

Haven't read it, probably not going to, but I have one single, solitary question about this cover art:

Why does Barb have a belly button?

She came from big thicc eggo.


Author's note: I blew out one of the cups of my headphones making this joke. I figure that's karma for my shit-tier attempts at humour.

Kinda want to see how this would go if fleshed out into a full multi-chapter story.

If it helps, I chuckled.


Can I use that chuckle as legal tender?

These headphones were like 100 quid, and my ass is already black and blue from how much I had to sell it to afford Christmas gifts this year. I don't fancy getting it shagged off for a new set of headphones.

Ho boah!

Use my laughter in whatever currency that helps.


What is ho boah, my friend?

I have thirsted for this knowledge for such a long time.

YOU can DO it!

You can ask to see their ID if you're skeptical.

I want to C there ID !

L :rainbowlaugh: L

Haven't read the story yet, but have to say that cover art is amazing!

Why did the title change from "So... Did You Fuck a Dragon?" to "Wait... You Fucked a Dragon?"

B_25 #15 · Dec 10th, 2018 · · 1 ·

The latter sounded funnier.

If this guy ever gets back to his Earth, accidental or not, then he can brag that he fucked a dragon.


This was even better than I expected.

And my expectations were high.

Though it does need some proofreading.

Haven't read yet, who else came here cause of the cover art? xD

If you started this story thinking I was crazy, then sorry to say this, but that didn't change. It only becomes crazier when you realized I wrote all of this on stone tabs. Oh! Barb's coming home! Gotta go!

Of course, you had to do that. Otherwise, this was hilarious to read.

Pfft! That last bit got me good. Hope he got his arm back

So, is this guy from the Navy? Because this guy dropped so many F bombs that Eminem would tell him to clean his mouth.

The dialogue almost physically pained me.

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