The Crystal Empire has made its mysterious return back to the land of Equestria. While the crystal ponies attempt to recover from their long slumber, something more sinister also came back. When the mad tyrant attempted to siege the city, one pony held him at bay. The only distinguishing features of this stallion were his blue hoodie and his large smile.

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Oooh, he's going to get dunked on~

*raises hand* Is sans actually in his body or a pony body? If he's in a pony body, is this an anthro world? You describe that he's in his clothes, but call him a pony, need clarification.

Ponies can wear jackets and slippers.

🎵The flowers are in bloom
As the birds will tell
It’s a beautiful day
T O B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L🎵

While true, you also describe him as snapping his fingers. Ponies don't have fingers.

Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these ponies like you, should be burning in hell Tartarus. Also, ponies don't snap fingers because they have less than none.


Oh, yeah. Force of habit because of the usual saying and the Thanos meme. It should be corrected now.

While Tartarus is the physical prison, Hell is still the metaphysical afterlife for bad ponies.

Wut?! No fight?
Cmon I can't take it!!

Will there be a continuation? (I would prefer sans not a pony, but a skeleton)

Since it's just the first chapter, things are still subject to change. I might just make Sans a pony skeleton so I can still do the bone jokes and what not. Does it mean much of what kind of skeleton Sans is?

But ... CAUSE you already know why this timeline is so strange. Already forgot about experiment number 17? If DeltaRune is an experiment, then ... What is this world ...?

I know about Gaster, the experiments, and the multiverse. I'm just trying to incorperate some elements without getting overcomplicated.

Well, suppose that this world is another EXPERIMENT. Sans in the form of a pony (but this is not accurate) helps other ponies, and even with a certain sign (with princesses) ........ Listen ... And sheis here =)? Chara! go here! =)

The multiverse is infinite. What part of Undertale says one version of Sans can't be a skeleton pony?

Well, yes, a thousand timeline in one universe, I know it. And Chara? She will be here? Or ... Kris? Susie? Ralsei? They will be here (Chara, what would be interesting)


im likeing what im seeing never have seen this kind of style before good job cant wait for more

Well? and where is the next chapter? or you AGAIN abandoned your project, like other authors ...?

Also, none of my stories are abandoned.

Please tell me in the next chapter your going to have a video of megalovania for readers to listen to during the fight

.....I'm interested.

*megalomania intensifies*

Will give this a read at some point, especially if it gets another chapter.

i just found this not to long ago and i really can't wait for the next chapter!

keep up the good work!

Next chapter? Also I'm a Undertale/Deltarune fan.

And it never countinued...aw. This was interesting.

hey I love your story please update soon

And here I thought there was gonna be a fight, gotta say, pal, i'm disappointed.

really hope there will be a second chapter, because i love this and want to see more of it.

is ther gona be a continuation of this universe???

i wanted to see the fight since no one elce has done one of that fight spesificaly

Not it’s great to read it and hope make new stories in far future

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