• Published 8th Dec 2018
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Anon-a-Miss: A Wrinkle in Time (Rewrite) - Guardian Amy

After Sunset Shimmer committed suicide due to Anon-a-Miss, her friends travel the universe to find her lost soul.

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The Next Day

The next day at Canterlot High School

The CMC walked down the halls of the school, away from the glaring eyes from the other students who've seen their apology video.

"Good morning, Anon-a-Bitches."

"You better pray I don't kill you."

"You'll pay for this, Canterlot Movie Cunts"

Those cruel and vicious insults sent shivers down their spines.


"Well, here it goes." said Sweetie Belle, nervously.

"It's now or never." said Scootaloo.

"Come on y'all." said Apple Bloom.

Four minutes, though it felt like years, they were in front of the door. And it was almost as if the world lost its oxygen, they stopped breathing. Not only was there principal Celestia and vice-principal Luna, but a uniformed police officer, and Princess Twilight herself.

"Hello girls," said Luna coldly as the girls looked like they were punched in the stomach, "how nice of you to join us. Take a seat." she pointed to three chairs in front of the wooden desk.

Each girl took a breath and sat down. They each looked down at their feet, not wanting to see the absolute fury in everyone's eyes. They've been like this for almost ten minutes. Scootaloo gathered the courage to break the uncomfortable silence.

"Look guys, we know this is about Anon-a-Miss, and we're sorry. We didn't mean things to get this far; and we'll except any punishment you have in store for us."

Princess Twilight stomped in front of Scootaloo and look her dead in the eye.


That voice made Scootaloo shoot back, almost wetting herself. Celestia put a hand on Twilight's shoulder.

"Twilight," she said calmly, "let's just sit down and talk this over calmly."

The princess of friendship took a calming breath and returned to the desk.

"Alright," said Celestia, "I'm glad you three understood the seriousness of this, but why did you do it?"

The girls just looked at each other to see each other's reactions: Apple Bloom was pale and looked like she was about to throw up. Sweetie Belle was pursing her lips to try and stop her whimpers as tears leaked out her eyes. And Scootaloo was terrified and visibly shaking out of fear.

"It was mah idea." Apple Bloom said.

"WHAT!" screamed the enraged Twilight Sparkle. She approached the girls ready to attack.

"Uh-uh." said Celestia, calming the princess down as she placed her hand back on her shoulder. Twilight sighed and once again returned to the desk.

"Ah was jealous that mah sister was spendin' more time with Sunset than me." Apple Bloom continued, "So Ah made up Anon-a-Miss, posted the story 'bout Applejack, and pinned it on Sunset."

"Apple Bloom told me about what she did, I felt the same way." said Sweetie, "So on the slumber party at my house, when everyone was asleep, I took Sunset's phone, and posted all those pictures and videos."

"Soccer practice took place the same time as the junior team." Scootaloo followed, "So when Dash wasn't looking, I took her science paper, took a picture, and posted it. Soon other people were sending us other pictures and secrets, asking us to post it, we didn't know what to do so... we posted it."

Twilight's jaw dropped slightly as she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"So let me get this straight," she said, her voice rapidly becoming a scream, "you've posted people's most private and embarrassing secrets for the world to see, caused so much chaos and framed Sunset for it! ALL BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T INVITED TO A SLUMBER PARTY!!!"

"TWILIGHT! CALM DOWN!" shouted Celestia, gripping her by the shoulders. "I know you're angry, but two wrongs don't make a right."

Twilight sighed; Celestia was right, she can't just blow up at the girls for Anon-a-Miss, or she'd be a hypocrite herself.

"You're right, sorry." said the princess calmly though her anger remained.

"Girls," said Officer Shining Armour, chief of the Canterlot City police department, "you know that this is very serious. I mean, you could be arrested for something like this; and the only reason you're not, is because we can't have anything to do with equestria. And before you ask that question, we knew about it for a while and the government forbids us from having any involvement. And thanks to Sunset being an equestrian related thing, we can't press charges on anyone who got involved with Anon-a-Miss. Plus, you three are just kids. So congrats, you girls are getting away with framing, invasion of privacy, impersonation, cyber misconduct, indirect assault and battery, and 1st degree involuntarily manslaughter."

"Huh." said Apple Bloom.

"What do you mean?" Scoots said confused.

"We didn't hurt anyone. Not physically." said Sweetie Belle.

Twilight glared at them with cold eyes full of anger and hatred.

"Sunset killed herself," she stated coldly, "she cut her arm in the bathtub..."

"Wh-whh-wha.." Sweetie stammered, unable to finish her sentence.

"We... Ah... How"

Scootaloo planted her face in her palms and sobbed, igniting the other twos sadness. The trio were crying, and hugging each other as the others just stared and waited for their sobs to subside. Once they did, VP Luna looked at the girls sternly.

"Girls," she said sternly, "it was right of you to confess about Anon-a-Miss and post an apology video, and we're proud of you for that."

"But of course for making the account in the first place," said Celestia in a slightly calmer voice, "we have no choice but to expel you from Canterlot High School."

"No." said Sweetie Belle with shock.

"You can't do that!" protested Scootaloo, "the track team's coming in two months."

"Mah science club just started!" whined Apple Bloom.

"Girls!" said Luna firmly, "I know this is unfair to you, but do you have any idea of what you did? You cyber-bullied; you've given Sunset so much pain, she committed suicide, and hacked into school computers which all have to be rebooted. I'm sorry, but this is what happens when you do something this stupid for an even stupider reason."

Principal Celestia nodded.

The girls couldn't believe that they were expelled, but then again, they deserved it. They knew that they're doing this to protect them. They are going to be a lot of other students who want nothing but revenge for what they did, not only for posting their secrets, but for framing an innocent girl for it and making her pay the price; and who knows what they'll do when they find out Sunset killed herself.

"Now come," said Celestia, "we're having an assembly where you'll confess and delete the account for good."

At the same time, Luna grabbed the intercom microphone.

"Attention students, attention. Will all students head to the gym for an assembly, that includes teachers and staff too. Thank you."

"Come on girls." said officer Armour, motioning the girls to follow them.

Each girl nodded and walked out the door. Twilight was right behind them who is in a very angry state. She was shaking, a bit red in the face, and stomped her whole way to the gym.

What she grumbled was too unintelligible to hear, but what she said next was clear.

"I swear Celestia, you're all gonna get what's coming to you." she grimly fumed under her breath as she grounded her teeth and clenched her fists.