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(GEN FIVE) So when others describe Pinkie Pie, they would tell you she is a hoof-full! Not very serious, silly, playful and non-responsible! She tries her best, but that isn't enough for most ponies, or the Elements of Harmony she is a part of to keep peace among the realms! She doesn't have any magic, or strength to make up for it, but even so she still tries to keep up with the others! At one point she just wishes to rest... but she almost gets Rainbow Dash and her killed in the process! So when overhearing the nasty things her friends say about her being weak and useless she runs off upset!

When she finds out her friends were attacked in her absence, she goes to finish the mission they could not.. but runs into Aries! The God of War is angry with mortals for forgetting about the Gods, and makes a deal with Pinkie Pie giving her unimaginable power! So she uses it to fight off threats across the realms, what else? Oh, and to help her she pulled the two most powerful ponies in the universe to help her solve crime! One is a demonic earth pony named Pinkamena that wields Black Magic... and the other is a yellow and white pegasus that was genetically modified to be a super soldier named Surprise! (Cover is mine, Pinkamena comes from my other story Pinkie Pie's Shadow!)

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I shall give this a read.

Commander I am here to tell you that you are doing an extraordinary job making these stories and I'm saying that I really enjoy your Pinkamena stories ever so much.

Hope you stick around, got some nice ideas I think you will enjoy!

Wow! That means so much to me, thank you! :heart:

From what story is Surprise coming from?

Surprise at this moment does not have a story, she is just a generation one character I gave a good backstory to! I added her into this story, so this is the first time she has appeared in any of my work.

How can this be a G5 story if this story still takes place in the Friendship is Magic universe?

There isn't a Gen Five tag yet so I had to pick EQ girls, or FiM tag.

Things got pretty intense but I'm glad they got Surprise to calm down-
Also is it bad that like, I'm starting to ship these three? Or the fact that I'm starting to ship Surprise x Pinkamena???? I don't know???? Someone help???

Anyway I was super happy to see this chapter out, things got quite intense when Surprise had that
'mental breakdown' of hers -so overall it was a pretty good chapter in my opinion! :twilightsmile:

Oh and do you possibly have a reference picture for Surprise? I've just been wanting to draw these three for a while now after chapter 2 came out so-.

Hey there Crystal! No it is not bad that you like to ship ponies, trust me I do the same thing! :rainbowlaugh: Thank you for your comment I really enjoy hearing your feedback! Also Surprise is a real character from MLP in generation one, in the cover picture she has the same body style as Pinkie Pie since she is Pinkie Pie in another generation. I might get a drawing of her later on in the chapters so her cyborg-self is more exposed, but for now she just looks like Surprise in the cover art! If you wish to draw them I encourage you to do so! Just let me see the finished product, because now I am all excited! OwO :pinkiehappy:

Well at least I'm not the only one pfft xD

Anyway ok and yeah! I'll definitely show you the finished product of the drawing once I finish!^^

Wow thank you so much! Happy Holidays to you too! I hope your Christmas is full of joy and wonders, stay safe and joyful! :heart:

Thank you! Hope your New Years was good, I pretty much was up all night and slept until nine PM hahahaha! That’s why my message was late!

Ha! xD
Well my new years was great! ^^ So I hope yours was too!

How can this happen. confused by the story but still loving this

Hey there friend! Glad you love the story, but let us clear up that confusion, yes? :pinkiehappy: Do you mind helping me understand what it is you are confused on, or what "How can this happen?" means specifically. I do not know if you are asking how Gen Five is possible, something about the characters, or what exactly! I am glad to help sort this out with you, just need a little more information. :pinkiesmile:

Finished the art, I don't really know how to post it here so it's on Instagram-
Also I made a little head Canon that Pinkie (the earth pony Pinkie-)
Is secretly watching so thats why I drew pinks on the bottom pfft.

I enjoyed this chapter alot- since I ship Pinkamena and Pinkie I was grinning when Surprise got jealous :rainbowlaugh:

I'm also really looking forward to what happens next because I was totally caught off guard when the lamia showed up!
And I guess seeing the point of view of Pinkie, Pinkamena and Surprise isn't such a bad idea, so yeah! Have another imaginary cookie my friend!

You may want to change the colors on some words like the description. Night mode makes them unreable


Huh... weird... when I have night mode on I could read them just fine... what was hard for you to read? My apologies. (edit) Waaaaait, you mean the actual description... on the front page... excuse me I am an idiot.. I'll change that, thanks!

Aries (a i s) black magic (l c ai) and pinkamina (pinka) i also tried to show what was getting affected in the word so a typed what i could read

Thanks for the heads up! I shall fix that... hope you are enjoying the story.. and thanks for saving me from making a fool of myself :D

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the cookies.. I shall eat them!

While i do plan to read soon i do wonder how much does it connect to your other story and the problem you said you found with it?

It connects a lot, explaining some things that do not get explained in Pinkie Pie's Shadow. It also develops her character and friendship and possibly romance with another character. The reason I wanted to re-write my story is because of this which you can find here

Am I not the only one that sees God of War every time they read a chapter

You mean the game God of War?

Yes I mean God of War game

I feel like the soul mate might be Surprise...??
I don't know, tbh I was never good at solving riddles pfft. But if I am right then I'm probably gonna have mixed feelings since I ship Pinkamena and Pinkie
And I'm not sure how I feel about Pinkamena x Surprise so ehhh.
Anyway this chapter was quite emotional and I felt bad for both Pinkamena and Aphrodit. I was also entertained by the god drama too. xD
Also the drawing is great 👌 I'm looking forward to the rest!


Which Pinkie? Also why? I never considered putting Pinkie and Pinkamena together xD I am not going to tell you who it is, but like... I really have no idea why everyone ships Pinkie and Pinkamena I honestly do not get it. :rainbowlaugh:

Because They work so good together and it could be a interesting relationship between the one who doesn't believe in love,badass and is not joyful that much pone and the one that is a cheerful,caring and almost about happy all the time pone ! ^^
And because why not? xD

Besides you get to see how Pinkamena develops from a relationship like this! :3
I ship Pinkamena with either the Pinkie in this world or the Pinkie in Pinkie's shadow even if Pinkiedash is in there pfft.

I can definitely see the riddle talking about Surprise. From another world, feared by all as a warlord, haunted by her past, power and heat from machinery, a devil inside maybe referring to the Annihilation system, gentle to a non-burning flame oblivious to love but filled with pain may be referring to Pinkamena, sacrificing the throne of her world to be with Pinkamena, filled with a desire to protect Pinkamena who is blinded by hatred and doubt. If Surprise can put up with Pinkamena's harsh nature, she may very well be her soulmate.

At least, that's my take on it.

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