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Warning! Spoilers for the season 8 finale ahead in the description!

Tirek's number one plan was to trap the mane 6 with him for all eternity, but once he found out that he would be spending eternity with Pinkie Pie and the others, suddenly his plan didn't sound so brilliant anymore. After changing his mind, he decided that maybe foiling his own plan would be better after all... but maybe he would have been better off if only he had stuck with the original plan!

Hey, neighbor! Wanna be frieeends?

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Poor Tirek.......

It was a good little story by the way! I loved the banter between the two characters, keep up the good work.

The colors are a bit distracting, but I liked the tale.

Oh, and nice Hercules reference.

Some people said that Cozy didn't deserve such a punishment.
But no, it is Tirek we should pity.

Absolutely hilarious and adorable. I love how you have Cozy calling him "Mr. Tirek." I did that in my own Cozy fic. Forget simply adding this to my Cozy folder, you get an upvote and a fave as well.

Thanks so much! I read your Cozy story after publishing this one, and all I could think was, "Holy cow! It's like we're on the same wavelength!" Haha glad to see your story was well-received. It was a good one!


I was thinking the same thing about being on the same wavelength. This is the one story where I was actually able to get into the character's head and her her speaking when I was writing it. I hope that yours can do as well as mine. I will admit, that was by far the funnest story I ever wrote.


Oh and congrats on making it into the popular stories list!

<LoL!> This was a lot of fun to read. Very nicely executed with very witty dialogue between th characters.

Oh, Derpy… You'll go from background pony one day. :)

That. Was. Awesome!!!!!!!!!

My sides are splitting from laughing so much! This was so adorable and hilarious! Cozy Glow is so cute here! Love it!

looks like derpy will have to help free them the old fashioned way

“Well, since we’ve got all eternity to spend together, did you wanna do something else to pass the time?”

Where could we find something to do in realm like that:unsuresweetie:?

“You know, you sounded a whole lot nicer back when we were pen pals.”

“That’s because I was manipulating you! Don’t you get it?!”

I don't think she does:rainbowlaugh:!!!

“And you being here makes me wish that I had never let those troublesome ponies out in the first place!”

Yeah, I bet you are wishing you stuck to your last plan:rainbowlaugh:!!! Well, now you're stuck with CG Tirek, and her adorableness will be there to drive you nuts for all eternity:derpytongue2:!!!

“Because I thought that nothing could be worse than somepony singing to me for all of eternity! And stop calling me Mr. Tirek!”

Well, you decided to help them, so its all on you:rainbowlaugh:!!!


Totally:derpytongue2:. But in an adorable way:rainbowkiss:!!!

“You ready? Baby shark doo doo dodo doo dodo!”


“Again? But this is the first time that I’ve sung this one. I haven’t sung it since I learned it from professor Pinkie P—Ohhhhh, I see where you might have heard it before.”

I don't think I'd wanna know:rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:!!!

“Theeeeen, do you wanna play a game?”


“Do you wanna learn a dance?”


“Do you wanna hear a joke?”


“Do you wanna leave forever?”

“No—UUUGGGHHH!!!! You were trying to trick me that time!”

CG has you right where she wants you:scootangel::pinkiecrazy:!!!

“You can drop the whole innocent act around me. I know what you really are.”

Everypony does:ajsleepy:.

“I mean you’re a heartless monster like me who doesn’t care about anypony but himself.”

Oh you're one to talk:ajbemused:.

“Aww, cheer up, Mr. Tirek! I’m sure we’ll get out of here some day! I even have somepony on the outside who will get us out of here eventually.”

“Wait. What?! You do?! Who is it?!”

“Heeheehee~! I thought you of all creatures would know that one! After all… How do you think those letters got sent between us without anypony knowing?”








I so have to get those two out of there.
Otherwise it'd be just such a waste of talent

I love this! :heart: Thank you for showing me!

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