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One day Crazy (our protagonist) gets a draft from the military telling him that he will join the US army. What he is not told is that he is part of the first wave attacking Equestria. (Mild swearing)

A Jojos bizarre adventure, Hunter x Hunter, and real world crossover.

Chapters (7)
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I see a few grammar mistakes, too spread out to list, but they exist. Also a bit hard to follow, but all in all, not a bad first story.

On an unrelated note, I have a friend who has a few accounts, he goes by CrazyInsaneGuy, or Crazy.

That’s a bit uncanny.

What is this a crossover with?

Hunter x hunter and Jojos bizzare adventure.

Comment posted by Starlight Nova deleted Yesterday

What’s with Celestia being Ron the Death Eater?

Alternate universe Qibli2, in this one Celestia has a racist side of her, and also, the maze was inspired by Harry Potter.

I know that was an expression, but if I was Celestia I would hate humans too. They just came in and declared war.

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