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Silent Slender

"If my insanity means I'm a child, then I guess I'm immortal!"


Dimitri isn't your typical human in Equestria, since his trip to hell was put on hold to aid an unknown entity named 'Gambit' in tracking down 7 powerful rings across Equestria, the problem is, he was sent there as a girl, a mare. Now irritated, and having to deal with his new tone of life, his search for the rings won't come easy. Especially when he has to find the rings before a dangerous creature from a time before Equestria claims them, he must put aside his stubbornness and accept that having a few allies isn't such a bad idea.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 2 )

Strong start to a story, im enjoying it so far. I usually dont comment but i really wanna see where the story goes so please, keep it up!

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