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This shit better make it to the front page.

It's in the popular box, and slowly making its way to featured. Erotic fics like this usually do, anyway! Thank you!


Glad you approve!

Fuuuuuuuck this was hot

Looks like it already did!

"Thanks for doing this." She opened her mouth, indicating she wanted more ice cream. He obliged, levitating the spoon toward her maw. She took it with a grin, savoring the flavour. He really hadn't cheapened out, this was expensive stuff.

"Anything, for the mother of my child."

I don't know, that just popped into my head at that point.

I REALLY like that you included the gentle stuff too. Made this seem a lot more realistic and enjoyable. Great job.

Flisky #10 · Dec 30th, 2018 · · 1 ·

That ending. Who's the sub, again?

This was a very nice story, great job!

Mmm. Loved this story.

I think Peach should introduce her mom to the stallion next door, the mare might just be lonely for some male attention. And who knows, she might also enjoy the activities her little girl is getting up to. After all, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :raritywink:

Comment posted by King_Kratos deleted Dec 31st, 2018

Aftercare is important with relationships like this to build trust. It's a crucial facet that *mainstream* bdsm erotic fiction sorely misses...

Who do you think?

I appreciate you!

Maybe! There was a possible ending I had where her Mom asks if she was being a good girl for Mr. Neighbor, but I scrapped it for this simpler and better ending. You can use your imagination, if you want!

How completely original and hilarious.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say but this is a really gross way of posting a reaction image.

As always, please do not use the comment section for this story to argue the moral standpoints of the subject matter. This is not a place for that discussion and deteriorates the mood. I will delete comments in regards to this that are not relevant to the story. Thanks!

Well, I can safely say that I greatly enjoyed this story. The anticipation of the introduction as she trotted home, the wriggling and her caution as she squeezed through the fence, pretending to be a spy. All in all, you did a really good job of capturing the mindset of a filly, and doing so in a believable and humorous manner.

While I won't go into too much detail on the actual sexytimes between them, I loved that you included such a rich dynamic between her and her domineighbor. The number of spanks, the passion between them, all of it certainly made for an eminently arousing story.

However, to me, the highlight (aside from the spanking) was the aftercare. The bath, the cuddling, the ice cream, all of it. Aftercare is so very important to a BDSM relationship, ad you portrayed it so perfectly that I cannot even describe how much I loved it. Also, I want some ice cream now, you butt!

All in all, I loved this story, and I sincerely hope to see more from you in the days and weeks to come!

I get where you're coming from as my comment does come across that way without much context, but I do have my reasoning for it. I've seen comment sections get derailed here and on Derpibooru with arguments about the moral standpoints and blatantly incorrect legal assumptions of the subject matter. This isn't an attempt at only getting positive feedback, but from the comment section becoming overly hostile. You simply need only look at some of the more controversial images on Derpibooru to see what I mean...often these get 300+ comments of constant arguing that do more harm then good. My point is that this isn't the place for that, and I have experience with it happening to some extent on some of my other stories.

Appreciate your comments as always. As I stated before, the Aftercare was really really important to me. I knew you'd like the spanking scene, though, heh.

I do recommend a good Mint Chocolate Chip. And remember not to cheap out on the good stuff for your filly. :rainbowwild:


Always nice to be appreciated! But the story really was that good.

And are you implying I have a spanking fetish, by any chance?

I do love a good Mint-Chocolate ice cream, but personally my favorite is a mix of cinnamon and Vanilla flavors. There's a local place in my town that makes the BEST ice cream. And with such punny names it's hilarious.

Yeah that's something I never got.

I understand being grossed out by CP. You SHOULD be. I sure as fuck am.

But this ISN'T that. There are no actual children involved. No one is getting hurt. Literally what is the problem?

Fin?! You called this fin!! This is Censored by the Modecan Government

This Clopfic was Censored for Filly rape, Floal Clopgraphy and Underage Sex, it was Coverd up in Modeca.

Comment posted by Sorren deleted Jan 1st, 2019

Do you have any Saying?

Nothing like bondage and foal great

Love it ^^ such a sweet filly. I'm looking forward to see more eirk like this.

Very nice.

Tries avoiding shit like this as if it were the plague

Fucking clicks anyway because I'm curiosity's bitch

I have several regrets as of this moment.

Well written, just not my cup'o tea. I'll just leave an upvote regardless though

Comment posted by Sorren deleted Jan 1st, 2019

Not my personal cup of tea but I do like that you included the aftercare parts. I think that's what a lot of BDSM fics lack is that aftercare. It's all domination all the time, without any sweet tenderness after the fact. Well written so it earns an upvote from me.

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jan 1st, 2019

Dude, use spoilers! You're giving away the ending!

No problem! In the future, you can use [*spoiler][/*spoiler] without the * to hide words likes this

For some reason, it wasn't working:unsuresweetie:. Don't worry though, I'll try again some other time, or just pick another quote that doesn't give away the ending:twilightsheepish:.

Whoever keeps downvoteing the comments is a real fuckin lowlife.

Sorren #40 · Jan 1st, 2019 · · 22 ·

Deleting criticism. Wow, you're a fucking gem, aren't you?

Hi Sorren, I would divert your attention to my previous comments on the matter, and this author's note I have included.
P.S. You may have noticed down below in the comment section that I have taken the liberty of removing a few comments, and that deserves some explanation. These comments were not mere criticisms or negative remarks that I couldn't take, but rather comments in regards to the subject matter of foalcon that I feared would spur on a flurry of heated arguments and pointless debate. This is not the place for these sorts of discussions, and quite frankly they are never productive.

Any remarks that are deemed as bait, trolling, and blatant kink-shaming for the sake of it will be removed. Please keep in mind this is all just fantasy and in no way translates to real life. Constructive criticism, however, is welcomed and embraced, though if you have any criticisms in regards to my decision to remove comments please PM me directly. Thanks.

Your comments were not criticism of my work, but fell under the clause of Kink Shaming. You're free to discuss this with me in PM, but I don't wish to start a comment war when other people who disagree with you inevitably come to argue. Sorry.

Sorren #42 · Jan 1st, 2019 · · 20 ·

Yeah, I read em. You don't delete comments--that's not how things work. And as a matter of fact, it is criticism of your work. You're normalizing grooming through a positive perspective. There's not a single drop of self-awareness or irony in your tone. There isn't a single hint anywhere in the narrative that the actions portrayed in this story are anything but normal and you don't even bother to call attention to the fact that there is a taboo in play, and I could understand this if you were playing an angle, like some AU stuff, but in this situation it's just rather uncanny. This problem doesn't even inherently pertain to kinks. If you did the same thing in a story with a pony casually murdering another, it would read just as poorly. Implications of your viewpoint aside, this is poor execution. I'm more inclined to believe that you deleted my comment because it was critical of you and had more upvotes than downvotes, hence, making you look bad.

If you want actual criticism of your work, I would like to suggest that you look into using dialogue tags--you don't use them, and it's detrimental to the quality of your work.

Your sentence fluency is choppy, and you have a very bad habit of X did Y syndrome. I am quite sure that you have heard this before, I would like to insist that you show and not tell. You really, really need to work on flow; it's like reading a pedophilliac instruction manual. You especially need to work on your use of past and present tense. An example? The first paragraph

Monday had been a normal affair for Peach Fuzz. She'd gotten out of bed, gotten ready for school, ate some toast and grabbed her school bag before heading off to school.

You are writing in past tense. The word 'ate' is past, however it is not the past participle, and is grammatically incorrect. "She ate" is different than "she had eaten."

Your writing isn't bad, but it most certainly isn't good either, and to get away with something as niche as this completely unscathed, you need to be very good.

As a footnote, I would like to say that I agree, this is all just fantasy, however I do not believe in any sense that it does not pertain to real life. The real focus of this story is the relationship itself, and the aftercare--not the sex, and that on its own is a relatively concerning prospect to me because that isn't a kink. It's not some hedonistic pursuit of pleasure in the name of smut, but rather, a rationalization of something that should never be rationalized in the first place. Understand that while I am not comfortable with the subject matter, it's not what I've gained a distaste for, but rather, the way that it is portrayed.

Sorren, this is fiction. You can dislike it if you want, but please refrain from derailing an otherwise peaceful comment section. I can see your concerns about the behaviour it enables, but I believe most people here understand it as fiction and not something they can do in real life.

school, ate some toast and grabbed her

"She ate" is different than "she had eaten

That is correct, thank you! It's an incredibly small detail, but the right word to use would have been "eaten".

Deleting comments and saying what people are not allowed to discuss is not a good way to handle those sorts of commentors. It's just going to encourage/enrage them even more. It's better to ignore them and report those you think are going too far.

My previous comment was much more tame.

I remember seeing it. Thought that conversation was long since done though. :/

Let's just leave it at that, then. I think everyone's point has been made.

I appreciate the actual criticisms you have of my work. My problem before is that you weren't really constructive from the start, just insisting that I'm somehow grooming because of the tone of the narrative. At any rate I've never insisted I was a perfect writer. In fact you're not the first to inform me I have a tendency not to balance show vs. tell very well, but I've made pretty huge strides on it. Thank you on pointing out those errors, as well as the others.

In regards to deleting comments, despite your insistence I very much can delete them and have, and I think I've explained my reasoning quite well. I don't care about the criticisms, despite what you think, but what I do care about is a war in the comments arguing moral standpoints and whether or not this constitutes just fantasy. We can debate all day if you'd like on whether or not it was proper to delete your comments, and perhaps it wasn't, but let's not forget there was literally a comment that said This should happen to all kids. That's the kind of garbage I don't want here and isn't welcome. So I was already on edge watching for this when you left your second comment and I decided to just can it. At the time I didn't see it as a criticism because that's not how you came across.

I get that you're not interested in this type of content, but this isn't the best way to express that, friend. At any rate, any further debate on this matter can be taken to PM's. Thanks.

Dude... Get out of your house, get out of your city...
The FBI ain't gonna sit this one out...

Grooming and having sex with children isn't a kink, it's disgusting and against the rules of the site.

Don't Post
Sexual content involving human/anthro characters under the age of 18.

Pedophilia is not a kink, and normalizing it as such, like it's just as weird as liking feet or something, has been an appalling trend lately.

:rainbowlaugh: This is neither human nor anthro, so I can assure you this is very allowed. I wouldn't waste time reporting it if I were you. Also, this isn't pedophilia, so you might want to take that moral cursade elsewhere, too.

shieeet u right
but it's still not kosher :twilightangry2:

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