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Hi everyone! RainbowThunder is here. I am Russian pegasister (yes, even if I have stallion on avatar), who practices English in fanfic writing. And I like ponies. That's all.


Jazz Skin is waiting for his first concert, which will show whether Jazz can become a musician or not. Pegasus will play the saxophone for the first time in front of the audience.Will he be able to perform well?

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Well... that didn't go as expected. Very unfortunate, but that's life sometimes. I don't know if confessing his feelings towards Misty was a good thing in the situation he was in, but it makes sense he's done that.

One grammar tip: as far as I know, when talking about a specific (and already mentioned) character/pegasus, "the" should be used.

Thanks for your comment. I wanted to write something touching and sad, and so I did not pay attention to reality and logic.
Yeah, I always have a problem with "the".

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