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Why did i named myself like this?


What happen when a comedian fell in equestria, what if he hide's and made fun of everyplace he visits...Comedy Gold maybe

just random thoughts in my head.

(Warning:This story include lost n lots of refference's that will keep u 'countyn' till u 'finnish' them all, READ at your own time

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"You can be whatever you want": to which he replied of being a comedian, clown, weirdo and a annoying prick to every one he meets.

This is literally me.

Also, 0/10 no Crusades.

"You seen 'em, Ope. They're not funny and they know it, so they're trying to confuse audiences into thinking clever is funny. No. Just because I know what you're trying to say, doesn't make it funny." - Patrice O'Neal on witty "comedians" (Opie and Anthony, "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus")

Nah it's just my thoughts and you'd never know what comes to mind
also i just wrote this for fun essentially im just sharing my thoughts really:ajsmug:
also i write stories when im bored (it's my habit:twilightblush:)

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Shit and I was just on this a second ago

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